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The GDDR7 has been officially listed by Samsung for the next generation of GPUs

Last Updated on March 26, 2024
Samsung GDDR7 memory chip on a gradient blue background.
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The next generation of memory solutions, the GDDR7, is already making waves in the tech community. Samsung will be one of the manufacturers offering the GDDR7, and big news is here. Samsung has officially listed the GDDR7 for the next generation of GPUs on their way.

The listing on Samsung’s official website introduces the GDDR7. The GDDR7 has been tested to offer up to 40 Gbps speeds and 64GB densities. However, Samsung is keeping things a bit more reasonable. There are two speeds currently listed on the site, the 32 Gbps die and a lower-voltage 28 Gbps die that’s more optimized. It’s likely that GPUs utilizing GDDR7 will keep to the 28 Gbps. Samsung is also sticking to a 16GB density, as opposed to something bigger.

Samsung officially lists GGDR7 memory for upcoming GPUs

However, some high-end variants might use the 32 Gbps for more pin speed. Regardless of which one is being used by the next generation of GPUs, these speeds are a big improvement from the GDDR6. Before, the memory solution would cap out at 24 Gbps. However, even the most powerful GPUs like Nvidia GeForce would normally cap out at around 22 Gbps, and that’s the RTX 4080 SUPER. This major improvement, and Samsung boasts that it is a 30% performance improvement over its predecessor.

It will still be a bit of time before we see GPUs using the GDDR7. Samsung showed off the GDDR7 at GTC, and since then the memory solution has made its way over to sampling. With new memory as powerful as the GDDR7 coming into the next generation of cards, it will be exciting to see just how much power is packed in. This new era for graphics memory in GPUs is sure to get everyone’s attention.

The next generation of graphics cards is planned for launch sometime later this year. While there are no official dates yet, with sampling on track then we’ll be able to enjoy the GDDR7 along with this launch.

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