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Best Budget Graphics Card 2023

The top GPUs for budget-conscious PC builds
Last Updated on March 14, 2022
Best Budget Graphics Card 2020

Today, we’re going to cover five of our top picks for best budget GPU. With the release of the RTX Super cards and the falling prices of the RX 500-Series, the sub-$300 market for GPUs has never been better.

As long as you’re willing to spend a little more than $100, you’re bound to get a graphics card that offers a strong 1080p gaming experience, and if you’re able to push your budget more, you can even start playing 1440p, VR, and 4K games!

Note: if you are looking for graphics cards on a strict budget, perhaps you should check out our $100 or $200 graphics card buyer guides.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Budget Graphics Card 2023

  • Good for 1080p gaming
  • Low priced
  • Poor performance-per-dollar versus RX 570
  • Great 1080p performance
  • Best overall value (performance-per-dollar)
  • Poor 1440p/VR performance with 4GB version, just okay otherwise
  • Stellar 1080p performance, at solid 60FPS
  • 8GB GDDR5
  • Outperforms 2060 and 2070 Competition
  • Drivers can be annoying to install
  • Superb overall value
  • Superb 1080p performance, great 1440p/VR performance
  • Slower VRAM limits card’s capabilities vs 1660 Ti
  • No RTX features
  • Stellar 1080p, 1440p, and VR performance
  • Decent value
  • Poor ray-tracing performance, high price

Our Verdict

While we’ve selected a bunch of budget GPUs for this buying guide which are all stellar in their own right, we think that the best overall budget GPU has to be the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1660 Super. This is due to the fact that this card will more than cope with today’s AAA titles at 1080p while also doing a reasonable job of supporting VR and 1440p. Usually coming in well under the $300 mark, it’s also pretty decent value too, especially considering it beats out the 570. Overall, with the 1660 Super, while it’s not the absolute cheapest GPU, it certainly backs up its slightly higher price point with the performance it churns out and well worth the money.