The upcoming Microsoft Surface Go could have a 10.5 inch screen

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Go could have a 10.5 inch screen

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As tablet PCs continue to grow in popularity due to their portability and surprisingly good performance vs that of today’s laptops, it’s no surprise that companies like Microsoft are doubling down on their product lines. Their Surface range is predominantly targeted at those looking to acquire a premium tablet PC that can potentially even replace your bulky desktop, but the Surface Go on the other hand has proven to be surprisingly successful, appealing to budget-conscious individuals. On the horizon, it seems, is a new Surface Go variant with a slightly improved screen which might be ideal for those looking to home work.

The rumored Surface Go successor will share much of the same features as the one released in 2018 but improving upon the slightly lackluster display. You’ll get a 10.5-inch screen this time round coupled with a boost in resolution, pushing it from 1800×1200 up to the much-desired 1920×1080. There’s also a potential upgrade path to the internals with the option to insert a 1.1GHz Core m3 processor almost blurring the lines between the power of the much pricier Surface Pro. The base model, however, is likely to just receive the same internal components, which could deter those wanting a more powerful machine and are unwilling to part with the extra cash.

This new Surface Go is speculated to be launching in May with a price point of $399 but we will have to see whether that comes to fruition due to the current lockdown climate.

While you are getting an improved viewing experience, I think that some may just go for the 2018 variant due to price and the fact that there’s little to no power difference when selecting the base model.

Are you eagerly awaiting the new Surface Go to make the leap to more mobile computing? Or is the improved screen not enough to justify purchasing one? Let us know!

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