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This RTX 4070 Super apparently has 16GB of VRAM, but it’s probably a typo

Must be an error, but at least there's a new blower design
Last Updated on July 5, 2024
RTX 4070 Super graphics card on table, image by PCGuide
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A new announcement from GALAX shows off its latest RTX 4070 Super GPU, with a blower fan design. While this design is pretty unique in its own right compared to most cards out there, another detail caught our attention: 16GB of VRAM. First of all, we’ve reviewed the RTX 4070 Super, and we’re pretty sure it didn’t come with 16GB memory. And none of the other non-standard configurations do either, just GPU swaps such as this AD102 4070 Ti.

We’d love to see Nvidia upping the amount of memory in some of its graphics cards – fingers crossed for the RTX 50 series – but this announcement seems like a mistake. That has pretty much been confirmed now that GALAX has since deleted their announcement.

GALAX announces RTX 4070 Super blower fan design

The announcement post on X has now been deleted, but not before a snapshot could be taken. The marketing graphic showed off the benefits of a dual GPU setup, featuring two RTX 4070 Super cards with a blower cooler. It then goes on to boast 16GB VRAM for each of the cards. As the graphics says this “may not fully represent the actual product” – and it doesn’t, but probably not in the way they were thinking of.

Conventionally speaking, the RTX 4070 uses the AD104 GPU with 7168 CUDA cores and just 12GB GDDR6X memory, not the 16GB that is advertised here. Though, as we said, the fact that GALAX has taken down the post shows this is more than likely a mistake. If it did want to support up to 16GB VRAM, the current 192-bit memory bus would need to be upgraded or the bandwidth would have to be limited on a narrower 128-bit bus, much like the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB variant.

Marketing graphic for RTX 4070 Super Blower Dual GPUs, source: GALAX

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