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Where to buy NVIDIA RTX 3050: Price, specs, release date

NVIDIA's latest seems like it might be okay
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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The NVIDIA 3050 was announced at CES, aiming to be the definitive upgrade for the majority of users surveyed by Valve on their Steam platform who still use a GTX 1060 or similar card. While AMD’s recent launch has not been met with the best response, the 3050 already has a bit of hype around it before its launch.

NVIDIA RTX 3050 Release Date and Price

The graphics card will launch on the 27th of January, with an RRP of $250, making NVIDIA’s goal of producing yet another long-lasting budget card for gamers who can’t particularly afford to go for the higher tier cards. It is far and away from the cheapest RTX card available with decent performance behind it and much like AMD’s current push, it will use DLSS – NVIDIA’s supersampling method – to upscale games from lower resolutions to 1080p or beyond, as it can start to take on games not originally intended for it.

NVIDIA RTX 3050 Specs

NVIDIA have released the specs and some benchmarks have leaked out, rendering the new AMD RX 6500 XT almost useless by comparison. NVIDIA has also outfitted this card with their new anti-mining technology, intended to curb the rise in people buying these graphics cards for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency rather than their original purpose. This should halt the number of purchases by scalpers and crypto miners from buying this card, while NVIDIA gets it to the intended consumer.

While this won’t be your top tier card, it’s certainly a decent replacement for those on cards that are due to upgrade after entering PCs in 2016.

Memory Specs:Standard Memory Config8 GB GDDR6
Memory Interface Width128-bit
Technology Support:Ray Tracing Cores2nd Generation
Tensor Cores3rd Generation
NVIDIA ArchitectureAmpere
Microsoft DirectX® 12 UltimateYes
NVIDIA ReflexYes
NVIDIA BroadcastYes
PCI Express Gen 4Yes
Resizable BARYes
NVIDIA® GeForce ExperienceYes
NVIDIA FreeStyleYes
NVIDIA ShadowPlayYes
NVIDIA HighlightsYes
Game Ready DriversYes
NVIDIA Studio DriversYes
Vulkan RT API, OpenGL 4.6Yes
NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC)7th Generation
NVIDIA Decoder (NVDEC)5th Generation
VR Ready
Display Support:Maximum Digital Resolution (1)7680×4320
Standard Display ConnectorsHDMI(2), 2x DisplayPort(3)
Thermal and Power Specs:Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)93
Graphics Card Power (W)130
Required System Power (W) (4)550
Supplementary Power Connectors1x PCIe 8-pin

Where to buy the RTX 3050

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