Free Windows 11 Ice Cream To Celebrate Launch Of The New OS

Reports of Bloomberry brain freeze have started to surface

windows 11 ice cream

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Who doesn’t love free ice cream? Whilst we wouldn’t recommend it’s worth flying from across the continent to get one, Microsoft has teamed up with ‘Mikey Likes It’ ice cream to celebrate Windows 11 release day:

I Wish I Was Happy As That Man

If you’re not familiar with Mikey Likes It ice cream parlors, you can find all of their locations right here. In what is arguably more cake and pie than ice cream, Bloomberry has been created as a nod to the default Windows 11 wallpaper. Normally, a big launch party would go down in the center of New York City, but Microsoft is (thankfully) playing it safe with the pandemic in mind and opting for treats instead.

Windows 11 is out now on all capable devices (check the specs here), but Microsoft has opted for a delayed rollout. If you’re sick of waiting, check our DIY guide on installing Windows 11 here. For everything else Windows 11 related, keep an eye on and bookmark our Windows 11 hub.