Xbox Game Bar adds a bunch of new app integrations

As Microsoft continues to merge Xbox with PC gaming, the updating of Xbox Game Bar to keep up is sorely needed. While they added a Spotify integration last year, having more third-party integrations would really make this piece of software useful, and one that users will actually look forward to using. Thankfully, in the latest Inside Xbox presentation, Microsoft detailed just that.

Xbox Game Bar Update

Available now to some is the all-new Game Bar Widget Store, as well as an SDK for third-party developers looking to allow their apps to integrate with the software. However, you don’t need to wait long to get your hands on some of these with both Razer and XSplit getting in early on the action. Razer has introduced its Cortex gaming enhancements and Gold wallet deals, coupled with XSplit’s Gamecaster Streaming app, enabling broadcasters to change settings on the fly rather than having to come in and out of the game they’re playing. Intel has also announced they will introduce their Graphics Command Center but this won’t be available until further down the line.

Xbox Game Bar XSplit Gamecaster

For those eager to start plugging these apps in, you will have had to previously join a test flight via the Xbox Insider app but while there wasn’t word on an official release day for the general public, it surely won’t be long.

Will you be taking advantage of these new additions to Xbox Game Bar? Or will you still be keeping locked far away, avoiding any interruptions? We think it’s a step in the right direction and ultimately, we’re happy they’re opening up the doors to more third-party support.

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