Become an Xbox Insider to be part of the next Halo Infinite beta

A chance for everyone to become a Spartan


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Fresh off the back of the last, very successful, semi-exclusive, Halo Infinite beta, Microsoft has taken the decision to open the game up to almost everyone in the Xbox ecosystem. By ‘almost’ we mean that anyone can be a part of the next Halo Infinite beta but there is a prerequisite – you must be an Xbox Insider.

As shown in the tweet above, becoming an Xbox Insider is a pretty simple process. Download yourself the Xbox Insider Hub app, sign up, and you’ll be given the chance to experience Halo Infinite before release. If you’re having trouble doing so, check out the official Xbox sign-up process.

While being an Xbox Insider grants you access to the next Halo Infinite beta, it’ll also allow you to be part of the feature development process for Xbox, pushing new developments to your console before they release to the public.

If you’re only concerned about Halo Infinite though, the beta will begin on Thursday, September 30th, and will last until Monday, October 4th. So, to ensure you get the maximum amount of playtime you might as well sign up via the Xbox Insider Hub and preload the game before Thursday comes around!

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