YouTuber does the unthinkable with Raspberry Pi overclock milestone

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Everybody’s favorite single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi, continues to do the unthinkable as users endlessly tinker with the diminutive yet highly powerful piece of tech. This time around, one YouTuber proved the community (and himself) wrong after achieving an absurd – and timely – overclocking milestone of 3.14GHz on the Raspberry Pi 5 for Pi Day.

Tech content creator Jeff Geerling said as much himself in his latest video, showcasing how he achieved what was previously thought impossible. After initially proclaiming that surpassing the Pi 5’s 3GHz limit was impossible, he apparently found firmware that let him do exactly that. Though, of course, overclocking, no matter what tech you use, requires a ton of resources and an optimal cooling system, which, fortunately, Argon’s new Raspberry Pi 5 tower cooler could provide.

YouTuber overclocks Raspberry Pi 5 to a whopping 3.14GHz

Predictably enough, Jeff Geerling’s Raspberry Pi 5 overclock milestone is now the world record for the fastest single-core score on Geekbench. However, he doesn’t expect it to last long once more people start experimenting with the board and overclocking it past 3GHz. “And I would love that to happen,” Geerling added. “The whole point of this video is to try to get people to experiment and do crazy things.”

Now, if you’re looking to beat Jeff Geerling’s current world record, you’ll need to gather a few important components first. Of course, the most important part you’ll need is the board, so you’ll need to learn where to buy a Raspberry Pi 5 beforehand. However, if you aren’t interested in overclocking and potentially damaging your Pi 5, we’ve got you covered. Check out what we think are the best uses for the Raspberry Pi 5 so you can continue exploring its potential without going past its intended usage.

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