Argon’s new Raspberry Pi 5 tower cooler looks sleek but isn’t quite pocket-sized

Black Raspberry Pi 5 tower cooler on a gradient background.

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Struggling to maintain your Raspberry Pi’s CPU temperature when in use? The new Argon Raspberry Pi 5 tower cooler will undoubtedly provide your board with optimal cooling no matter what you use it for. You won’t even have to use it at its fullest capabilities to achieve the ideal temperature.

Based on YouTuber ETA PRIME’s video showcasing the Argon THRML 60mm Radiator Cooler, it can lower the Raspberry Pi 5‘s CPU temperature to 42C with only 40% power – and that’ while the board itself was undergoing a 10-minute overclock stress test. Naturally, you can expect much cooler temps if you were to turn the fan to a higher level. It’s also worth noting that even without the fan turned on, Argon’s tower cooler was still able to lower the board’s CPU temp to 59C – much lower than what the Pi 5’s active cooler and the Argon Neo 5 was able to achieve at only 68C and 67C, respectively.

Argon tower cooler makes the Raspberry Pi 5 slightly less portable

Now, if you decide to equip your board with this cooler, there is an obvious tradeoff. One of the perks of any Raspberry Pi product is its space-saving pocket-sized design. Unfortunately, with this bulky fan latched onto it, you’ll need a dedicated carrying case to bring your board along with you. This fan’s usage is also highly situational; unless you’re constantly overclocking a Raspberry Pi 5, you may be better off sticking with its active cooler since it already does a decent job of maintaining the board’s CPU temp.

The good news is you won’t have to spend much if you decide to get it. At only $20, this Raspberry Pi 5 tower cooler is just as affordable as the board itself. Plus, Argon offers a 180-day warranty for all its products, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether this product is the right one for you. Of course, if you’ve yet to jump on the single-board computer train but are looking to do so, we recommend learning where to buy a Raspberry Pi 5 immediately so you can grab the latest product on offer.

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