How to Download Microsoft Office for Free

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Can you download Microsoft Office for free? Technically yes, but there’s far more to it. Getting something for free usually has important considerations and the same is true of Office.

We will say right now that Microsoft Office will generally need to be paid for if you need full functionality. And while paying full price may not be an option for you, you can get it for cheaper than you may think. Much cheaper than the prices on the official store, with discounts of up to 80% and more.

There are lots of resellers around, and low-price Office licenses can be a scam. But you can find secure and reliable online stores, and a good example is Mr Key Shop

Not only does it have good deals, but the company has a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, and offers free support – by chat, email, or by phone. 

Payment methods are sure and certified, a money-back guarantee is valid on any products and there are no shipping costs: immediately after purchase you will get a free download link by email, also avoiding garbage and pollution caused by physical transport and unneeded packaging. 

Together with the download link, you will get an original Product Key, clear instructions for downloading, installing, and activating the software, customer service contact details, and your invoice.

Nope, it’s not a Microsoft Office free download, but it’s a very good alternative and ensures you get a genuine license, securely, with the information you need to get going.

You can periodically check Mr Key Shop’s store to save even more too, for example with Black Friday offers. Should you still want MS Office for free, here are your options:

Microsoft 365 free trial: get 1 month for free

You can sign up for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for one month for absolutely free. Although online, so you’re not downloading Microsoft Office for free, you do get free access. 

It includes all the apps you’d expect, as well as an email account with a 50GB mailbox and 1TB of cloud storage.  The major drawback is the time limitation, although it is still a good idea to trial the software before buying.

After the 30 days trial period, it costs $12.50 per user per month. In the long run, though, the monthly charge will be more expensive than buying an original license.

Use Office Online

If you have a Microsoft email account, you can sign in to use Office apps online for free.  And by doing this you can create and edit documents via

The available features are reduced compared to the paid version, and you cannot download documents. This could make the online version of Office useless for many, but it may be all you need to get started. 

Use Office Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android phones, you can download and install MS Office apps for free, allowing you to create and edit documents. 

This is great for document use on the go, although usage and functions are limited. So don’t expect a fully functional version of the software if you do choose this option – and be prepared to get nervous using the suite on such a small screen! 

Download Microsoft Office 365 Education for free

Office’s Student Plans mean that students (and educators) attending eligible schools can get Microsoft Office (educational version) for free.

This isn’t available for any use though, and you will need to prove your eligibility to take advantage of this method of downloading Microsoft Office for free. Plus, at the end of your studies, you will need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 or buy a license.

Use an active Microsoft Office license from an old PC

It’s a trick that is easily missed but don’t forget about any existing Office licenses you may have. 

Even if you have a new computer, checking to see if you still have access to your old license can save you money in getting a new one. 

And, as digital licenses are tied to your Microsoft account, you should be able to use one without issue. 

Are the alternatives to Microsoft Office worth using?

Open-source office software is useful for sure. Alternatives to Microsoft Office suite, like Apache Open Office or LibreOffice, allow you to create and edit documents and are often compatible with common file types too. 

However, they cannot offer the breadth of functionality and interoperability that Microsoft Office provides. 

The best deals for buying a Microsoft Office license

Here are some of the best Microsoft office deals you can find on Mr Key Shop store: