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How to insert footnote in Word

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Learning how to insert a footnote in Word can come in really handy when trying to reference an article, quote, or give more information on the referenced text without bloating one’s essay or piece of work. 

Footnotes are inserted into bodies of text by placing a small digit or letter next to the expandable text. This number or letter is then referenced at the bottom of the document, on the same page, as a footnote. It not only serves as an expansion of the body of text, but it’s a neat way to reference and input more information into a piece of text without ruining readability.


How to insert a footnote in Word

How to insert footnote in Word

Microsoft Word allows users to insert footnotes whilst not compromising page space thanks to footnotes taking up border space at the footer of a relevant document only. Let’s take a quick look at how to set up and how to insert footnote in Word. Please note that the following has been performed in Word 365 but should apply to all versions of Microsoft Word dating back to Word 2010.


Footnote of Endnote?

How to insert footnote in Word

Footnotes put notes at the bottom of each relevant page. Endnotes place notes at the end of the whole document, let’s make sure we’ve picked the right choice before inserting them. 

Go to the References tab on the top banner of Microsoft Word and go to the footnotes group. Click the expandable arrow on the bottom-right of the group to bring up the Footnote and Endnote menu. 

For a footnote, go for the Footnote option, we’ve selected to put footnotes at the bottom of the page as standard. users can also pick between numbers and letters here too, once the right settings have been enabled click ‘Insert’.


Add more Footnotes

How to insert footnote in Word

The above process will insert one Footnote. To add more, move the cursor to where the footnote number or letter needs to be inserted and go to References > Footnotes Group and click ‘Insert Footnote’. 

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the relevant page to insert the text needed for that particular footnote. Simply rinse and repeat to add as many footnotes to the document as needed.

Thanks for choosing PC Guide for learning how to insert footnote in Word. For more help using Office, make sure to check out and bookmark our Office hub here.

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