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Best Whiteboard for Home Office: Top Smart & Dry-Erase Picks

Choose the right whiteboard for your home office with our buyer's guide.
Last Updated on March 27, 2024
Best Whiteboard for Home Office

Whether you want a complex tool for plotting intricate plans or a simple canvas for presenting ideas, the best whiteboard for home office spaces is a worthwhile investment. If you’re finding yourself working from home more often, or have deserted office working altogether, having a whiteboard on hand is a useful tool for presentations and organization. But with so many models on the market, it can be hard to know what the best choice is.

We’ve compiled a list of top whiteboards for home use, both standard dry-erase boards and smart digital options, to help you accelerate your productivity. Across a range of price points and specialist needs, we’ve got an array of different whiteboards for you to choose from. Read on to see what we picked – and why we picked it.

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Whiteboard for Home Office

There are two main types of whiteboards suitable for home office use: the traditional marker-pen whiteboard, or the more refined smart whiteboard found in more digital-reliant offices. Of course, more digital options are more expensive and less accessible to many looking for an affordable home office solution – so we’ve selected an array of both to suit different needs. We’ve prioritized whiteboards that were portable for easy maneuverability in a small space, and those that come with a range of different size options. For digital options, we’ve selected whiteboards that are versatile and highly compatible, without being too taxing on the wallet. For traditional dry-eraser boards, we looked for the best-quality surfaces: magnetic whiteboards with easily erasable surfaces.

We settled on five products, each at different price points, that all are worthwhile contenders for the best whiteboard for home office. Each having different core features, you’ll be sure to find the right whiteboard for your home office needs.

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  • Responsive and intuitive - the IFP-6503 allows you to annotate and edit documents with ease, in any format.
  • Highly compatible - running on Android with support for most major software, the IFP-6503 is a versatile tool.
  • Limited connectivity - this unit isn't ideal for multiple-device wired connections, making it less suitable for large offices.

Taking the top spot for our best whiteboard for home office is the AG Neovo IFP-6503, a highly intuitive smart whiteboard solution. Utilizing intelligent technology to enhance productivity, the IFP-6503 is a sterling addition to any home office.

Boasting 20 touchpoints and a 4K display, this smart whiteboard allows for excellent picture clarity and responsiveness. The IFP-6503 can cast remotely to other devices with ease, allowing long-distance collaboration – and thanks to the native annotation software you can add notes to content no matter the format. It’s compatible with cloud services such as Google Drive and OneDrive for easy file sharing, and you can easily mount this unit freestanding or purchase the optional stand.

However, with only six physical connection points, you’ll be better off casting to this unit wirelessly for collaboration: it’s a frustration for those who prefer a wired connection, but not deal-breaking for most. As a high-quality smart whiteboard for home offices, the IFP-6503 is our top choice.

  • Highly portable - with a 15.6" display, the SignageDisplay serves as a highly versatile tool for presenting on-the-go.
  • Limited collaboration feature - whilst the SignageDisplay is great for presenting, it's less useful as an all-round smart whiteboard.

If you need a compact and low-cost whiteboard solution, consider the AYSTekMann SignageDisplay, a budget smart whiteboard for home offices. This unit is larger than a tablet but smaller than a whiteboard, and packs a number of great features that make it an ideal stop-gap whiteboard solution.

With a 10-point multi-touchscreen in 1920 x 1080 resolution, the SignageDisplay is a detailed and portable whiteboard. The screen is around 15″ in size, allowing for spacious versatility and portability in the same package. Cast wirelessly via a number of great methods, and display information in stunning detail. It can be mounted to a wall for hands-free presentation but is just as easily carried in its portable form factor.

That said, functionality is limited to presentation with the SignageDisplay, and you have less ability to collaborate and edit on-the-go. If you need a budget display solution for your next presentation, then don’t overlook this affordable mini whiteboard.

  • Easy use - the uniquely lacquered surface makes for easy writing and erasure, with little-to-no staining or smudges.
  • Simplistic - the VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard is a highly effective, but basic, dry-erase whiteboard.

For a simpler solution, the VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard serves as a barebones dry-erase whiteboard for home offices. Easily installed and even easier to use, this is a simply solution for quick sketches or intricate plans alike.

Using a unique formula in its lacquered surface, this magnetic whiteboard is easy to write on and later erase – with minimal smudging or staining. It comes with all the additional components that you’d need, such as markers and magnets, along with a small tray for storing them. The design is simple yet effective, able to be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on your space requirements. And on the subject of space, the VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard comes in a variety of sizes.

That said, the design is incredibly simplistic: a basic marker-and-eraser whiteboard that you’ll have no doubt seen in dozens of other settings. If that’s all you need, then the VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard is a stellar dry-erase whiteboard for home offices.

  • Highly versatile - thanks to the wheeled stand and "flippable" design, the Flip 2 is easy used in a variety of settings.
  • Poor native software - the Flip 2's native operating system is difficult to use, meaning that initial time with the whiteboard is difficult.

If you want to have a highly mobile smart whiteboard for your home office, consider the Samsung Flip 2 WM55R. Effectively a larger version of a Samsung tablet, the Flip 2 is ideal for home office use, and packs a ton of useful features under the hood.

The WM55R is available in a variety of sizes, starting at 55″. The titular “Flip” of the whiteboard refers to its ability to quickly rotate it between portrait and landscape modes on it’s dedicated mount. For added portability, the board can be wheeled from room to room with ease, or left free-standing. It comes with an array of connectivity options so that you won’t struggle to connect the whiteboard to your devices. With 20 touchpoints and 4K resolution, you can present and plan ideas in great detail.

However, the native software of the Flip 2 is somewhat unwieldy, and effectively makes it a requirement that you pair it with another device. It’s still a sterling alternative to a dry-erase whiteboard, however, and the WM55R is still our top choice for a portable smart whiteboard for home offices!

  • Premium features - highly versatile and easy to use both remotely and wired, the Smart Board is a stellar touchscreen whiteboard.
  • Can lag under heavy loads - the Armer Smart Board can struggle due to limited RAM capacities under heavy duty cycles.

Our final whiteboard for home office is the Armer Smart Board: available in a range of sizes. This premium whiteboard for home offices is suited for the highest echelon of professionals, and serves as a stellar option for those that need large, digitally-assisted content presentation.

Supporting nine simultaneously displayed devices, all wirelessly cast, the Armer Smart board is capable of tremendous versatility. Compatible with a range of devices, from PCs to smartphones, the Smart Board runs on an open operating system – making it compatible with almost any software. With 20 touchpoints on its 4K display, you can navigate your content with ease and present it with stellar clarity. It comes with dedicated memory along with cloud support for Google Drive, allowing you to easily store content without worry of deletion.

It can slow down with too many projects open at once, however, reducing response times and framerates on the display – so be mindful of how many windows you have open at once. If you’re looking for a home presenting solution, the Armer Smart Board is a tremendous addition to your workflow.

Features and Considerations

If you’re looking to purchase the best whiteboard for home office, and your chosen product isn’t on our list, consider the following before you buy:

Whiteboard Size

Most home offices are smaller than full-fledged offices, surprisingly, which means that many whiteboards won’t fit the footprint. Consider your own space, and how feasible it is to not only install but house your whiteboard of choice. Many manufacturers offer whiteboards in a variety of sizes, to help overcome this issue.


Whilst most dry-erase whiteboards can be quickly installed, smart whiteboards require not only power supply but better load-bearing mounts. Many come with optional rolling stands, which can make portability easier, but always double-check what other customers and the manufacturer say about how to install the whiteboard safely.

Pen/Stylus Compatibility

Depending on whether you’ve opted for a dry-erase or smart whiteboard, be sure not to confuse the pen types. Most dry-erase boards come with the right markers for smudge-free writing, as permanent marker pens can – of course – permanently mark your dry-erase board. Similarly, use the correct type of stylus for your smart whiteboard – and definitely don’t use a marker pen on it…


As mentioned above, having the whiteboard for home office on a rolling stand enables you to take the whiteboard anywhere in your home – not just the office. This is our personal preference for whiteboard housing, as it gives the user more versatility for placement and presentation. However, remember that smart whiteboards require power supply – so will always need to be positioned near a socket.

Dry-Erase vs Smart: Which is the Best Whiteboard for Home Office?

We’re big fans of smart whiteboards here at PC Guide: combining the features of laptops and tablets into a large-scale display for a variety of presentation applications. However, the price of a smart whiteboard increases tenfold over a standard dry-erase whiteboard – which makes them generally better options for those with limited use cases.

As the guide above highlights, there are plenty of smart whiteboard options on the market, with highly responsive and detailed displays capable of being connected to from a variety of devices. They are highly useful for precise and collaborative presentation of content, often allowing other users to input remotely. A smart whiteboard effectively allows you to bring the entire office into your home remotely, though if that sounds like a cumbersome task, you’d be right. Smart whiteboards can be complicated to install, can draw on heavy amounts of power, and are far more difficult to house than a simple dry-erase board.

We recommend dry-erase boards for home offices where infrequent display is required, enabling you to easily annotate and present information for your own benefit or for clients. A smart whiteboard is a premium solution: useful for those who work heavily remotely but require a detail presentation solution.

Can you use permanent marker on a whiteboard?

You shouldn’t use permanent marker on a whiteboard, as it can cause long-term smudging and marks on the surface. If you have used permanent marker on a whiteboard, use nail polish remover or a similar acetone solution to gently rub away the marks.

Are smart whiteboards expensive?

Yes: Smart whiteboards are often priced in the thousands of dollars due to their premium features and large displays – effectively a combination of a TV and computer. They are worthwhile investments for home offices, however, and can add a highly valuable level of collaborative presentation to work.

Our Verdict

Though it’s not suited to wired connectivity, the AG Neovo IFP-6503 is our top spot as the best whiteboard for home office for a reason. Utilizing excellent annotation software, it’s just as easy to use this smart whiteboard as it is on a dry-erase model, and it makes for easy and productive collaboration.

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