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Best PSU for RTX 4090 in 2024 – Our top power supply picks

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Last Updated on May 8, 2024
Best PSUs for RTX 4090
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Upgrading your graphics card is one of the best feelings a PC enthusiast or gamer can have, especially if that new GPU is an RTX 4090. However, Nvidia’s brand-new graphics card comes with a host of demands and recommendations, the most prominent among them being a power supply that can handle its souped-up TDP.

If the time has come to upgrade your GPU with an RTX 4090, you’ll need a new PSU that’s capable enough to stand toe to toe with Nvidia’s new product. A stronger and more resistant power unit that can maintain the lofty demands of the RTX 4090 isn’t easy to find, but luckily we’ve tracked down the absolute best power supplies to support that raging 4090.

How we selected the best PSU for RTX 4090

Choosing a PSU can be daunting, but we focused on a few key factors to ensure we had a wide variety for all your RTX 4090 needs. First, it is important to understand your power needs. Typically, the RTX 4090 requires a minimum of 850W so you don’t want to be selecting GPUs below this threshold, similarly, you don’t want to buy an overly powerful PSU. This ‘overkill’ threshold is typically around 1200W, though we did make sure to include a PSU with more for all those power-hungry PSU fans out there. Next, we considered quality. We looked for PSUs with 80 Plus certifications for efficiency and choose reputable brands known for reliable components

Beyond the basics, there are features to consider. Modular cables make managing wires easier, while quiet fans are ideal for silent builds. Safety features like over-voltage protection are essential. Don’t forget about the form factor – a PSU needs to fit your PC case. Finally, we considered value for money and price of features and quality.

Lastly, we also had hands-on experience with multiple of the PSUs in this guide, meaning we not only reviewed them but also tested them. We have provided scores and additional insight for these specific products and links to said reviews are included in each section. Make it to head on over if you find a particular interest in our reviewed PSUs.

  • Rear view of a desktop pc showing the Corsair RM1000X Shift power supply, cooling fan, and various input/output ports.
  • A close-up of the back panel of the Corsair RM1000X Shift power supply.
  • A Corsair RM1000X Shift power supply unit in front of its packaging box.
  • Thge top of a Corsair RM1000X Shift power supply unit placed on a surface, with the background of PC components shelves subtly shifted to a blur.
  • A Corsair RM1000X Shift modular power supply unit showing its connectors on the side
  • Corsair RM1000X Shift from the fan side
  • The rear panel of a desktop computer with various ports and a Corsair RM1000X power supply cable connected.
Best in ClassExcellent
4.5 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Form Factor : ATX
  • Rating: 80 Plus Gold, Cybenetics Gold
  • Design: Fully modular, side connectors
Reasons to Buy
  • Shifted power connector locations
  • 1000W is plenty of power
  • 7 PCIe connectors for all your GPU or add-in card needs
Reasons to Avoid
  • Large size, needs consideration for a build and casing
  • In the top tier price range for a PSU

One of the leading PSUs on the market today, the Corsair RM1000X Shift is our top pick for a PSU to pair with the RTX 4090. Why? Well, it is simple. The Corsair RM1000X Shift has several factors which make it a real gem in today’s PSU marketplace. Firstly, it has shifted power connector locations, meaning the days of fumbling around in your PC case are over. You can find these connectors on the side of the PSU. Additionally, the 1000W is more than enough for a comfortable experience with the RTX 4090. It is helped, of course, by the 7 PCIe connectors which help with your GPU and add-in cards. It does come with a premium price tag though, as most top-notch PSUs do these days. However, its excellent design features, like large headroom and quiet performance help in justifying the price here. It’

Overall the RM1000X Shift is an excellent choice of power supply for your current or any future builds.

PC Guide

So, while the RM1000X offers a tempting combination of ample power for headroom, excellent efficiency, and quiet operation, it does come at a premium price compared to standard PSUs. To justify the price, take full advantage of the innovative side-mounted cables that simplify cable management. The top-notch build quality should ensure this PSU lasts through multiple PC builds, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run. This balance of features, power, and value are the reasons for it being a the top of our list.

What users say

Online reviews on Amazon indicate universal praise for the RM1000X. Scoring 5 stars from 87% of reviews, users highlighted the RM1000X for its performance, quality, noise control, and ease of installation. In one review, a customer noted “The Corsair RMX Series (2021), RM1000x, 1000 Watt power supply is an absolute powerhouse that has exceeded my expectations in every way. As an enthusiast with a high-performance system, finding a reliable and efficient power supply is crucial, and the RM1000x delivers exceptional performance”.

  • EVGA Supernova 1600W
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Rating: 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Design: Fully Modular
Reasons to Buy
  • ATX 3.0 compatible
  • 100% solid state Japanese Capacitors
  • Top Platinum standards
Reasons to Avoid
  • Hefty price tag
  • 1600W is a lot of power and will be more than substantial for most titles
  • User reports of high noise levels during high demand

We prefer to go big for our best pick. The EVGA Supernova 1600W Platinum is the best PSU on the market right now, making it one of the best PSUs for the RTX 4090, as well. It has 100% Japanese capacitors, plus a DC-DC Converter design to improve 3.3V/5V stability. Thanks to EVGA’s ECO Mode, the PSU provides ultra-quiet operation at quite a long lifespan.

The Supernova was built under the last PCI-e Gen 5 and ATX 3.0 standards, so it contains up to nine VGA connectors that provide more than enough space for six cables for up to two PCI-e Gen 5, 12+4 pin connectors. 

A 1600W power supply unit is more than enough to run an RTX 4090, and then some. You’ll have a ton of headroom for other high-end requirements, like CPUs, fans, cooling systems, and more. The Supernova ensures a smooth operation whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just consuming casual entertainment on Nvidia’s new RTX 4090. A bonus is that it will support any future upgrades you may toss its way later down the line. 

What users say

Customers were impressed by the EVGA Supernova’s overall performance and premium feel. They report that it functions exactly as intended, and even exceeds expectations in terms of reliability. The build quality is also praised, with customers highlighting the use of high-grade materials and sturdy construction. Additionally, the device’s efficiency is a major selling point, achieving a Platinum rating – a significant factor for those seeking energy savings. One user noted, “stable, quality PSU. EVGA delivering for me yet once again”.

  • Corsair SF850L fan, source PCGuide
  • Corsair SF850L logo side, source PCGuide
  • Corsair SF850L logo profile, source PCGuide
  • Corsair SF850L back side logo, source PCGuide
  • Corsair SF850L info label, source PCGuide
  • Corsair SF850L cable connectors side, source PCGuide
4.5 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 850W
  • Form Factor: SFX-L
  • Rating: 80 Plus Gold, Cybenetics Platinum
  • Design: Fully modular
Reasons to Buy
  • 850W is more than sufficient for the RTX 4090
  • Small footprint
  • 80 Plus Gold efficiency keeps your electrical use low
Reasons to Avoid
  • 850W is pushing the minimum limit for the RTX 4090 performance
  • Fan noise is noticeable
  • Price is still rather hefty

The Corsair SF850L stands out for its impressive power packed into a small footprint. Ideal for Small Form Factor builds, it delivers a whopping 850 watts – enough for even high-end gaming rigs like the RTX 4090. This PSU boasts 80 Plus Gold efficiency, keeping your electrical use low. Plus, it features a zero-RPM mode, meaning the fan stays silent during low loads.

The Corsair SF850L is a handy dandy little PSU. As a small form factor choice, it provides great power and performance with great efficiency at the cost of some sound drawbacks. 

PC Guide

However, the SF850L isn’t without its problems. Some users report that the fan noise becomes noticeable under heavy loads. Another point to consider is that the included cables are quite long, which can be tricky to manage in tight SFF cases. Lastly, while undeniably powerful for its size, the SF850L comes at a premium price point compared to similarly rated ATX PSUs. Overall, the Corsair SF850L is a great choice for SFF enthusiasts who need top-tier power in a compact package. However, be prepared for potentially louder fan noise under heavy loads and the limitations of the included cables. 

What users say

Customers on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive about the system power device’s aesthetics and user-friendliness. They describe its design as visually appealing and sleek, seamlessly integrating into various environments. Additionally, the compact size is praised for its space-saving benefits, and customers find the installation process to be straightforward and user-friendly. The performance also receives high marks, with users reporting it functions reliably and efficiently. However, some customers have encountered connectivity issues. Likewise, opinions on the value and overall quality of the device seem to be more divided, suggesting potential areas for further refinement.

  • EVGA GQ 1000W
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Rating: 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Design: Semi Modular
Reasons to Buy
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Fluid dynamic bearings
  • Quiet operation
  • 6 VGA 12+4 compatible connectors
Reasons to Avoid
  • Is semi-modular
  • Performance is not as strong as premium PSU picks

The EVGA GQ 1000W is a gold standard PSU capable of powering a 600W graphics card with ease. The RTX 4090 will suit it perfectly. If we take into account AIB recommendations, a 1000W PSU should be more than enough to run the RTX 4090. So, if gaming is your gig, this PSU will be one of the absolute best options. You won’t have to worry about this unit quitting anytime soon thanks to the 80 PLUS Gold certified, utilizing 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC-240VAC), and 100% Japanese Capacitors.

It is semi-modular, though, which means that at least one cable will be connected at all times. On the other hand, it comes with six VGA connectors that can power up to a 600W GPU under the new ATX 3.0 and PCI-e Gen 5 standards. 

What users say

Similarly, users online appreciate the value for money offered by the EVGA GQ 1000W. Additionally, its multiple cables and sturdy performance are praised. It is worth noting that most of the praise for this product is in conjecture with its price, meaning performance here is not comparable with some of the more premium PSUs. One user noted “This PSU works perfectly and it has increased the performance of my PC greatly! Easy to install, very quiet, and super efficient. Must have power supply!”

  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 box © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 connectors © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 connectors profile © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 fan © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 fan profile © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 in PC © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 in PC power connector © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 info label © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 on box © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 power switch © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 PSU and box © PCGuide
  • Seasonic FOCUS GX-850 side © PCGuide
Highly Recommended
4 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 850W
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Rating: 80+ Gold, Cybenetics Gold
  • Design: Fully modular
Reasons to Buy
  • Fully modular and supports hybrid mode for silent running
  • Strong efficiency rating in both 80+ and Cybenetics
  • 10 year warranty makes it a long-lasting purchase – no need for upgrades
Reasons to Avoid
  • Original power connectors are quite large and difficult to manouver
  • Short distance between the peripheral connectors on the same cable

Seasonic is a well-known brand for power supplies and they keep you covered well. That is also the case for the GX-850 as you will have 10-year support for it.

PC Guide

Seasonic Focus GX-850 stands out for its long warranty. Boasting a stellar 10-year warranty, it offers peace of mind for users who want to maximise the longevity of their purchase and power supply. It is also important to note that long warranty often signifies the manufacturer’s confidence in a product’s reliability. While warranty length isn’t the sole indicator of quality, Seasonic backs it up with 80+ Gold efficiency, ensuring less wasted power and heat generation. This translates to a potentially quieter operation and lower electricity bills. What’s not to like?

  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P profile of connectors
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P back
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P back info close up
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P angle side logo
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P fan
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P angled fan
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P RPM mode
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P fan side in case
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P box
  • Fractal Design Ion+ 860P side on
Highly Recommended
4 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 860W
  • Form Factor: ATX (325 x 110 x 210mm)
  • Rating: 80+ Platinum, Cybenetics Platinum
  • Design: Fully modular
Reasons to Buy
  • An efficient and quiet power supply to last you many years
  • Perfect performance metrics for RTX 4090
  • Reliable user reviews
Reasons to Avoid
  • Require a native ATX 3.0 PSU for modern day GPUs
  • Users may find more value for money in Corsair RM1000X Shift
  • Slightly lower efficiency at very low loads

Although a more expensive choice of power supply, the Fractal Design Ion+ 680P brings a high level of efficiency and wattage to your build. 

PC Guide

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P prioritizes efficiency with its 80 PLUS Platinum certification. What does this mean? Well, it means this PSU wastes less power as heat, saving you money on electricity bills and keeping your system cooler. Packing 860W, it capably powers even high-end PC configurations with beefy graphics cards – such as the RTX 4090. Despite this, some reviews mention slightly lower efficiency at very low loads and a higher inrush current, which might be a consideration depending on your setup.

  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W plugged in PC © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W turned on in PC © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W box © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W box profile © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W PSU and box © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W Fan © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W logo side © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W profile © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W power socket end © PCGuide
  • Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W cable bunch © PCGuide
3.5 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Form factor: ATX
  • Rating: 80+ White, Cybenetics Bronze
  • Design: Non-modular, RGB fan
Reasons to Buy
  • Low price point
  • RGB lighting provides some uniqueness and can be changed and turned off easily
Reasons to Avoid
  • Performance is considerably lower than other options
  • Lower-end of the threshold for RTX 4090 capabilities

Lacking the looks and customizability, you want to make sure it suits your needs with the limited-length cables and their red and yellow looks.

PC Guide

The Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W is a budget-friendly PSU with 500W output, more than enough for mid-range PCs – even pushing performance for some premium GPUs like the RTX 4090. It boasts 80+ Standard efficiency for lower energy use and runs quiet with a 120mm fan. While the single +12V rail distributes power effectively and the RGB lighting adds a nice touch. While it will do for many, it does reach its limit at the performance capabilities of an RTX 4090. So, if your budget is tight, you will likely get away with a middling performance on the Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W, though it won’t push much than that due to limitations in reliability and power handling. We would recommend going that little bit higher on budget to secure a more RTX 4090-centric CPU overall.

Considerations for the best PSU for RTX 4090

The new graphics card by Nvidia has some intense standards. The 76.3 million transistors and 450W TDP need a ton of power output for smooth performance, and that power must come from the PSU. Nvidia recommended at least an 850W power supply to optimally run the GPU, but that might be a very low number for the boosted clock speeds this card can achieve in the right setting.

Keeping that in mind, we considered some AIB standards when postulating the best PSUs for the RTX 4090. Some of them follow Nvidia’s recommendation of an 850W PSU, but others are using a 1000W PSU and even a 1200W PSU.

ModelsTarget Board PowerMinimum PSU Wattage
PNY RTX 4090 Verto Epic-X450W850W
Zotac RTX 4090 AMP Extreme, Trinity450W1000W
ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Strix OCUnknown1000W
Palit RTX 4090 GameRock OC450W1200W

You’ll have to consider your computer before making a final decision. The GPU is not the only component drawing power from the PSU. The final decision will solely depend on the total power your CPU needs in tandem with lighting, fans, cooling, and more.

Lastly, you will want to buy the best quality GPU, CPU, and motherboard for your RTX 4090. It will make a huge difference to your overall performance and the quality of your gameplay. Think of faster speeds and smoother visuals. Make sure to click the links to be taken to our specified guides on these components. You won’t be disappointed.

What is the minimum PSU wattage for the RTX 4090?

The minimum wattage needed to serve the RTX 4090 is around 1000W. While the RTX 4090 should still perform comfortably at 850W, we would say this is the minimum amount before it becomes worthwhile. Purchasing a PSU with a lower wattage than 850W would not be advised.

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