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Seasonic Focus GX-850 review

A well-known brand of PSU supplier, how does its GX gold range fair?
Last Updated on May 1, 2024
Seasonic Focus GX-850 review
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The power supply is at the heart of your computer, and getting the best PSU is the key to a lasting and healthy system. Looking towards the well-known and strong brand of Seasonic we can find a good range of options no matter the budget and requirements. So for that, we take a look at the Focus GX-850 for a review to see if it’s a good choice for powering your next PC build.

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Highly Recommended
4 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Wattage: 850W
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Rating: 80+ Gold, Cybenetics Gold
  • Design: Fully modular
What We Think

A strong power supply that has improved over the years. Keeping up with the latest hardware while keeping the standard high. Although that comes with an increased cost that drops the value down over the initial, it still has a lot to offer with its quality and support brought by Seasonic.

Reasons to Buy
  • Great price for the features available in the PSU
  • Fully modular and supports hybrid mode for silent running
  • Strong efficiency rating in both 80+ and Cybenetics
  • 10 year warranty makes it a long-lasting purchase
Reasons to Avoid
  • Original power connectors are rather bulky
  • Short distance between the peripheral connectors on the same cable


The Seasonic Focus GX-850 is a rather simple yet refined-looking power supply. Without much standing out but a more elegant combination of black and gold, accents the writing and key areas to focus on. It gives the power supply a nice styling and refined look as it makes the PSU an attractive sight and easy to read before you put it in at least seeing as it’s the only time you will see it.

elegant combination of black and gold, accents the writing and key areas to focus on

It also offers full modularity as a great way for cable management and swapping out for custom cables if the standard ones aren’t enough for you. They are on the bulkier side of sizing but provide a good range of options, as there are five CPU and PCIe sockets for your build allowing even overclocking alongside the high-powered processors and graphics cards. Along with four peripherals and SATA for all the additions to your rig.

For its cooling solution, it has within it a 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, which gives it a strong cooling performance and keeps temperatures under wraps at a good sound level. The latest model also features the PCIe 5 standard allowing you to use the latest gen without an adapter and getting the 16-pin connector by default reduces the risk of any problems.


The Seasonic Focus GX-850 isn’t different than a standard ATX PSU, it’s not an SFX model and comes in at a size of 140 x 150 x 86 mm. That makes it an easy addition to any PC case if it’s not a small form factor. Plus with the interchangeable connectors, you don’t have to manage as many cables as you don’t need, but a standard case basement will be plenty of space to fit it all in.

Sound and efficiency

If you’re about the sound and efficiency then the Seasonic is a strong contender for both with the GX series. It’s not the top-spec but it comes in at an average rate so you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount on it. The power supply is rated Gold for efficiency by 80 Plus and Cybenetics, giving it a strong average level overall.

At 115V, it gets an 88.845% across-the-board efficiency, along with the 5VSB average reaching 80.848%. Whilst at 230V that jumps up to 90.962% and the 5VSB average is up to 79.360%. That provides you with a strong conversion rate of what electricity you’re paying for compared to what you’re using. The sound of the component reaches 30.73 dB(A) and 30.82 dB(A) respectively keeping it relatively low and well adjusted to ambient, as Cybenetics testing shows with the rating it achieves.

If you’re about the sound and efficiency then the Seasonic is a strong contender for both with the GX series

What GPUs to pair with the Seasonic GX-850

As an 850W power supply, there’s not much you can’t run with this choice. As the graphics card is the dominant factor in how much power you need to supply to your system. But even the top-end hardware available now doesn’t need much more. That’s why matching it up with the best 4080 Super, or RX 7900 XTX is a good capability. Those have a typical board power of 320W and 355W respectively, which means the recommendation is 750/800W PSU, which makes the Seasonic a perfect choice. Especially with a decent mix of value to efficiency and not wanting to splash higher for it.

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Warranty and support

Seasonic is a well-known brand for power supplies and they keep you covered well. That is also the case for the GX-850 as you will have 10-year support for it. That gives you some peace of mind for using the PSU, and not just for one system, as with an 850W power it will be a strong choice for any future builds. This will give you a lot more value for anything in the future as you don’t have to rebuy one of the key components.


In general, the Seasonic GX-850 is a strong universal power supply, and as gold standards are the norm, the Seasonic sits strongly in that rating. Without a great deal of noise either, and running good temps doing so means you can have a great overall experience using it. Plus with the 850W rating, it is a great general choice as the Focus looks to a wider audience and a whole lotta years that you can keep using it.

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