Vizio universal remote codes – how to program with and without codes

Can't figure out how to program your universal remote for your Vizio TV? We've got you covered.

vizio tv remote codes

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If you have a universal remote and you’re figuring out how to program it for your Vizio TV, then we have you covered right here.

Much like the name suggests, a universal remote is a remote that works with most TVs and other compatible devices like DVD players and streaming devices. Most universal remotes out there, like the GE universal remote or One for All remote, work with Vizio – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a remote.

Further, you can program the remote with or without codes – which we have covered in our guide. Plus, we have also included a list of Vizio codes for convenience. For this guide, we have used the GE universal remote as an example. While the process of programming a universal remote is more or less the same, please refer to the user manual for the exact steps.

Quick Answer

If you have the code for your Vizio TV, then you can – press the ‘Setup’ button > press the ‘TV’ button > enter the Vizio TV code (refer to our codes list) > see if the remote works

If you don’t have the code, refer to our guide below for programming without codes.

Vizio remote codes


Please note that the remote codes for Vizio Fire TV can be slightly different than these – so check your user manual.

How to program a universal remote to Vizio TV

Before you jump into programming, make sure you note down the codes, the Vizio TV is on, and your remote has batteries.



Press the ‘Setup’ button

Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until the red light comes on. Release the button – the light should stay on.

A universal remote compatible with vizio tv with an arrow showing the setup button

On other remotes, the ‘Setup’ button might be labeled as ‘Program’ or ‘Magic.’



Press the ‘TV’ button

Now, since you want to use the remote for your Vizio TV, you should press the ‘TV’ button on your universal remote. The light on your remote will blink when you press it.

A universal remote compatible with vizio tv with an arrow showing the TV button



Enter the code for Vizio TV

Now, enter the code that you noted down earlier. If you can’t find the code, you can refer to your universal remote’s user manual or use our codes list above. After you enter the code, the light should turn off.

A universal remote compatible with vizio tv with an arrow showing the number buttons



See if the code works

Point your remote at the TV and try turning it off. If the TV turns off, your universal remote is ready for use. You can also try using different features, such as switching channels or adjusting the volume.

How to program a universal remote to a Vizio TV without code

If you don’t have the right code for your Vizio TV, then you can try the automatic code search method. Before you start programming, turn on your Vizio TV and make sure the remote has batteries in it.



Press the programming button

On your remote, you will see a ‘Setup’ or ‘Program’ button – press and hold it until you see a light on your remote.



Press the ‘TV’ button

Next, to program the remote for your Vizio TV, press the TV button on your remote.



Press the ‘Power’ button

Now, you have to point your remote at the Vizio TV and press the power button. The remote will send some codes for testing. When your TV turns off, it means that a suitable code has been found.

However, if the Vizio TV does not turn off the first time, press the power button again to send the next set of codes. Keep doing this until the TV turns off.

A universal remote compatible with vizio tv with an arrow showing the power button



Press the ‘Volume Up’ button

Next, power on your Vizio TV manually. Then, aim your remote at it and press the ‘Volume Up’ button. The TV will then go through the last set of codes. 

If the Vizio turns off, press the TV button to lock the code. 

If the Vizio TV does not turn off, press the ‘Volume Up’ button and keep pressing it every 3 seconds until the TV turns off. 

A universal remote compatible with vizio tv with an arrow showing the volume up button



See if the remote works

Now, press the power button to turn on your Vizio TV. Then, press a few other buttons to see if the remote works well with your Vizio TV.

Please note that some universal remotes have a dedicated ‘code search’ button that you can press for easy setup.

Can you pair any Vizio remote to any Vizio TV?

Generally, most Vizio remotes are compatible with other Vizio TVs, but this is not a guarantee. If your original Vizio TV remote is damaged or stopped working, you can try to change its batteries, power cycle it, or get a replacement remote from Vizio.


After going through the steps, you might be wondering why you were worried about programming your universal remote in the first place. It is a simple process, and the most difficult part of it is going through the remote codes to find the correct one. That said, having a universal remote can be very handy as it can reduce the clutter around the house and make management easier.

However, if you find that your universal remote isn’t working or turning on, try replacing its batteries or power cycling it. If that doesn’t work, then there is a chance that some internal component is damaged, and you need to get it repaired or purchase a new one.

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