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Best Computer Speakers under $50 in 2023

Find the best computer speakers on a budget
Last Updated on April 22, 2023
Best computer speakers under 50

If you’re looking for the best computer speakers under $50, we’ve got you covered right here.

While using a pair of headphones is the usual choice for most nowadays due to being able to block out any other noise in your environment but after wearing these kinds of peripherals can become uncomfortable after a while. This is one way in which computer speakers are advantageous, you’re able to hear your audio for as long as you want without hindrance. Additionally, computer speakers are typically useful in office environments and showing videos on the big screen, so having a set of good-quality speakers is always advantageous. 

We’ve given ourselves a $50 budget for selecting the best computer speakers for those not looking to break the bank and individuals just looking to add a second audio output to their setup.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

Choosing the best computer speakers under $50 is a tough ask with a bunch of premium options eclipsing lower-priced options. However, we’ve been able to spot some diamonds in the rough with some sporting some better overall features than that of much more expensive computer speakers. When narrowing down said products we looked at three key areas as differentiators; sound quality, design, and controls as we think that it is these features that set apart good computer speakers from bad ones. We’ve also separated our picks out into specific criteria including best budget, best gaming, and best compact computer speakers to get a larger variety of offerings that could suit exactly what you’re looking for.

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  • Great value
  • Surprisingly good sound
  • Warranty
  • Design isn't for everyone

If you’re planning just simply use a set of computer speakers as a second audio output or you’re really just not going to use them that often, a budget pair of computer speakers is the avenue you want to go down. While you might already think that $50 is already a tight budget as is, the AmazonBasics computer speakers come in was under that mark. Due to their budget nature, you may think that there will be many shortcomings but you’d be surprised the amount of stuff Amazon has been able to put into these computer speakers.

Looking initially at the design, they actually look quite attractive sporting a mesh front, brushed silver metal finish, and blue LED accent lights. Amazon has also included a padded base ensuring that you won’t damage your desk when moving the speakers around and a little bit of stability so they won’t wobble. They’re compact too, coming in at 3.9×2.6×2.8 inches and 1.4 pounds so they should fit into most, if not all setups.

Moving to the sound quality itself you’ll receive a frequency range of 80 Hz-20 kHz coupled with 2.4 watts of total RMS power making for solid bass levels and clear overall audio. There’s also a radiator placed at the bottom of the speakers to further those bass levels, creating an almost “springy” sound. They’re easy to control also, with a simple in-line knob place on the computer speaker wire which is better for fine-tuning your listening. Speaking of wires, the computer speakers are powered through USB and require a headphone jack to transfer the audio. To be expected as with all wired computer speakers but something to look out for when using them with a laptop due to newer variants sometimes dropping that headphone jack.

Overall, you’ll be getting solidly designed computer speakers that have a surprising essence of quality you wouldn’t think you’d get at this price point. The sound quality is similarly surprising, with good bass and clear tones making these computer speakers perfect for those on a strict budget. The one year Amazon warranty is also a nice touch, further enhancing the fact that these computer speakers are more than worth it.

  • Portable
  • Look great
  • Surprisingly good sound
  • Easy volume control

Having a set of compact computer speakers is always a plus as they’ll be less intrusive on your desk and have a more portability aspect for those laptop users. However, small doesn’t necessarily mean lackluster sound and there are some really top options out there that deliver sound quality you’d be surprised by.

Creative, and their Pebble computer speakers are just that. They detail some really great sound, solid design fundamentals, and the portability aspect larger speakers or soundbar lack. Firstly, taking a look at that design, its clear to see they’re aesthetically pleasing sporting a spherical nature as well as black or white color variants to match the palette of your space. Due to this being our compact choice, they’re of course going to be small. Measuring only 4.4 inches wide, the Creative Pebble can be placed in your setup without taking up much space at all. Additionally, with the Pebble being conveniently powered by a single USB cable, there are not a plethora of wires to get tangled up in. There is that headphone jack to think about though, so as this is a compact option you’re more than likely going to be taking the speakers for use with your laptop, therefore, ensuring it has that jack is necessary.

Being compact, the audio, like the aforementioned AmazonBasics option, is surprisingly stellar. Creative has built-in passive radiators and an RMS power of 4.4W. These two aspects combine to deliver balanced audio with depth, immersion, and crystal clear details. The drivers themselves are at a 45° elevated angle and are custom-tuned to direct the audio to your ears, furthering the clarity of audio. To adjust the computer speakers there’s a handy knob directly placed on the body, allowing to change volume levels in an instant, a slight upgrade to that of the more budget AmazonBasics computer speakers.

All in all, these compact speakers from Creative mean business. They’re still an option for the price-conscious but also boast great sound and ease of use with the volume control placement. The design choices, in general, are similarly brilliant with a color option and the 45-degree driver angle that really improves the way the audio travels. For those looking to hook these computer speakers up to a laptop they do utilize a headphone jack so just make sure your laptop has one and is not Bluetooth connectivity only.

  • LED lighting
  • Very powerful
  • Great sound controls
  • Bulky

With the large majority of PC gaming setups, RGB is a constant, so having computer speakers that add to that lighting is advantageous. Moreover, you’re probably looking for a beefier sound, therefore having two speakers as well as a subwoofer is the way to go.

The Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers offer these aspects and more, with top design choices and features that other computer speakers on this list simply can’t compete with. For starters, let’s look at the design. There’s nothing that immediately turns your head when looking at the speakers, they’re pretty generic looking but its the smaller details that set them apart. The slightly curved panels coupled with piano black finish make for a stylish look and the subtle angling of the drivers allows a similar sound delivery compared to the compact Creative Pebble. Finally, the lighting. Cyber Acoustics has implemented ring lighting around all drivers that can be customized to your liking, making it an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. However, if you’re not wanting to illuminate the room, you can have the lighting off.

With this being a more bulky option with multiple parts, the sound is far and above the best you’ll get compared to our other picks. You’re receiving two dual-driver speakers alongside a large subwoofer allowing you to crank that volume far higher. Looking closer at the audio specifics, you should see stellar mid to high-frequency sound with excellent stereo separation and clarity, even above frequencies of 300Hz. Moreover, the individual bass, treble, and volume controls allow you to refine the acoustics even further, tailoring the output to perfection. The connectivity is another aspect that bolsters its case as a top tier set of computer speakers offering wireless connections through Bluetooth. This allows a greater array of devices to be synced up to these computer speakers, making them more multi-functional than other selections.

Summing this best gaming pick for computer speakers under $50, you’re getting the power required to get immersed in your AAA titles coupled with a multi-functional aspect due to the Bluetooth connectivity. You’re able to host parties and more, utilizing that subwoofer to its full potential. The only real drawback is the size of these computer speakers. They’re definitely made to be kept in one place and certainly don’t offer any portability. However, if you’re looking for a set of computer speakers that stay in an office then size shouldn’t have too much of an impact.

  • Nicely designed
  • Compact
  • Impressive sound
  • Mic-in port
  • Easy volume control access

This best computer speakers under $50 selection isn’t a set of computer speakers at all. Like many TV enthusiasts, a soundbar has been the go-to option for achieving cinema-like audio and this similarly translates to computers. They’re affordable and space-saving too, coming in at a similar cost to the above picks as well as removing the multi-speaker setup condensing stereo audio into an all in one package.

The TaoTronics Wired Computer Soundbar is a stellar piece of kit in this category detailing a clean, modern design as well as some great features and sound that the run of the mill computer speakers don’t have. Looking at the soundbar itself you can see that it sports a mesh front and black body as well as an LED-lit knob for adjusting volume. It’s also slim, making it great for those looking to slot it underneath a monitor.

The soundbar is powered through USB an again, uses that headphone jack to receive the audio. One slight variation is the addition of a microphone cable and a port to plug your external microphone in, enabling you to extend the reach of your device. 

The acoustics that come out of this soundbar are definitely of a premium nature. The deep bass and rich treble in addition to the strong frequency range make for an enjoyable listening experience whether you’re gaming, watching videos, and listening to music. All in all, this soundbar is a worthy contender when it comes to the best computer speakers under $50. While it’s not named a computer speaker, it actually does a better job than most, and with the impressive sound and build quality as well as a solid design, you’d be happy to show it off in your setup.

How to choose the best computer speakers for under $50

There are a few key areas you’ll want to take a look at when it comes to picking the best computer speakers, especially if you’re trying to get the most out of your budget. Here’s what we think you should factor in before making your final choice.

Sound quality

The sound quality of computer speakers under $50 is always going to be the first question you ask due to the budget nature of these products. However, as with all tech, advancements have meant that manufacturers are able to pack in some high-quality components making budget options rather more appealing. In computer speakers specifically, you’re going to be looking at wattage and frequency as these two things determine how loud they can go and what sound range they have.


The design of your computer speakers should be always something to consider. Not just in terms of aesthetics but about how functional or compact the design is for example. As shown in our top picks above, computer speakers are no one size fits all some are compact, some offer easy controls, the list goes on, so these design choices by manufacturers could therefore drastically influence which computer speakers you pick.


Having physical controls on your computer speakers is always ideal and give you the option to fine-tune your listening without having to mess around with your computer’s settings. Usually, this comes in the form of a knob for simply increasing and decreasing volume but the more feature-rich computer speakers detail multiple controls allowing you to further enhance your listening by adjusting treble and bass.


Traditional speakers are frequently powered by either USB or via an AC adapter so no problems there, but actually transferring the audio is where there are some discrepancies. All wired computer speakers use the 3.5mm jack so when looking to purchase you’re going to want to make sure that your device has one. On pretty much all desktop PCs you’ll have a headphone port but if you’re using a newer laptop, many manufacturers opt for USB-C as their primary ports, potentially dropping the jack. On the other hand, this is where Bluetooth comes in and computer speakers that have this wireless connectivity could prove to be crucial in securing a product that is compatible.


How much should I spend on computer speakers?

Typically, you can get some quality, everyday computer speakers, for between $50 – $80. These should be more than enough for music and gaming. Soundbars are also a great option if you have the deskspace, but you’ll likely have to pay above $100 for something with decent sound and functionality.

Can you get good computer speakers for under $50?

Absolutely, but you may want to look at some of the best computer speakers under $100 if you’re going for higher audio quality.

Our Verdict

Selecting one of these computer speakers under $50 as a favorite is a tricky task. However, we think opting for the TaoTronics soundbar provides you with the best overall package. It’s not that bulky coming as just one device rather than two separate speakers, as well as the sound quality that rivals much higher costing products. However, for a compact yet powerful selection, the Creative Pebble is difficult to turn down. They look great and have enough functionality for multiple purposes. The only aspect they both lack is the control over treble and bass, which could be a deal-breaker for audio enthusiasts so opting for the Cyber Acoustics choice is the way to go.