Flexispot Deskcise Pro

It might not turn you into a gym bunny, but the Deskcise Pro will at least allow you to get active during work time.

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Deskcise Pro

Helps find time to exercise


Flexispot deserves real credit here for not only trying to produce something different that could be of great potential benefit, but also the fact they haven’t scrimped out on quality.

The Deskcise Pro is built like a tank, has all the standard features of a regular exercise bike, but mixes that together with a wonderful ability to position the desktop pretty much wherever you need it to be.

Yes, it’s quite expensive but it’s a unique piece of furniture that can only benefit your health if you have found yourself working out of the home office this last year. It’s not designed to help you train for an Olympic Triathlon, rather it finds a niche where it can perhaps make a little difference to the unhealthy working habits of the 21st Century.

It would be great to think that companies could include Deskcise Pros in their office space in the future. We all need to get m, more active, and we all have less time to do so. This is a great way to find a little middle ground