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Best wired router in 2024 – our top picks

Here are the best wired routers you can get today.
Last Updated on January 5, 2024
Best wired router

If you’re on the hunt for the best wired router, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a competitive hardcore gamer who wants minimal latency, a small business owner who requires multiple stable connections, or someone who wants the fastest possible speeds at all times, a wired router is the way to go.

Unlike their wireless counterparts, which transmit signals through the air, wired routers offer a more consistent and secure connection. They boast faster speeds, making them ideal for activities demanding quick data transmission, such as gaming or streaming.

To help you save time, we’ve rounded up some options we think are the best wired routers available in the market today. These routers have been selected on the basis of their performance, connectivity, and the value for money they offer. After all, we don’t want you to waste your money on a poor router. In case you’re looking for WiFi routers as well, check out our top picks for the best WiFi 6 routers and the best WiFi 6E routers.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best wired routers in the market.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

We’ve used our expertise to explore the market and find the best wired routers. We selected the routers based on their performance and the value for money they offer. We’re also constantly looking for new routers to add to our list, so make sure to check back here soon for more options.

Our Recommended

Best wired router in 2024 – our top picks

  • 3x WAN ports
  • Secure VPN
  • Excellent security features
  • No multi-gig port

If you’re looking for a wired router that delivers great performance and comes with several ports, you’d want to check out the TP-Link ER605 V2. We think it is one of the best wired routers because of its versatile use case and top-notch reliability.

First up, you get 5x Gigabit ports, which are more than enough for most people. Furthermore, the most impressive feature of the connectivity options is that it supports up to 3x WAN ports, meaning you get unparalleled load balancing and stability.

It would have been better to see a multi-gig port, but if your internet plan does not support a multi-gig connection, then no need to worry about it. Apart from that, you also get advanced VPN support to keep all of your devices safe and secure, and this can help you browse the internet while keeping your identity hidden. 

On the topic of security, the router is filled to the brim with abundant security features, including a powerful firewall, IP/MAC/URL filtering, IP-MAC binding, DoS defense, and so much more. In short, if you are after a jack-of-all-trades wired router that has got your back in all scenarios, the TP-Link ER605 V2 is a very good option, and we think it deserves to be one of the best TP-Link routers

  • 8x Gigabit ports
  • Multiple VLAN support
  • Bang for the buck
  • Lacks additional features

When it comes to the best value wired router, the Netgear GS308E takes the crown. The best thing about this router has to be its price. It not only costs way less than several other wired routers, but it still packs all the necessary features to make it a very good option.

For instance, the router features 8x Gigabit ports, a very good number if you have a bunch of devices. Plus, you can create up to 32 VLANs to separate different networks and manage speed. Similarly, you can also prioritize bandwidth to make sure that the most demanding PC is getting the most bandwidth, something that can be useful for gamers. 

Another good thing about the GS308E is its plug-and-play setup. You don’t have to spend hours going through the manual or downloading additional software, as you just have to plug in your devices to use it. Other than that, it also features a fanless design, meaning you basically get zero noise even at full speeds. Yes, the router lacks several additional features, including VPN, but this is something you’d already expect from a budget wired router.

In case you are looking for more affordable options, check out our top picks for the best budget routers.

  • Compact
  • Solid performance with dual-core CPU
  • 5x Gigabit ports
  • Configuration can be a bit difficult

If you are a gamer looking for high speeds with utmost reliability, the MikroTik hEX S is for you.

The best thing about this router is its dual-core 880 MHz CPU which comes with 256MB RAM. This gives the router all the room to make the most out of its RouterOS capabilities. On top of that, the processor is powerful enough to help it operate smoothly even under load, especially when multiple devices are connected to it. 

As far as connectivity is concerned, which is the most important aspect of a wired router, you get 5x Gigabit ports as well as an SFP port. This means that the router is ideal for a home or small office with few devices. The overall design of the router is also pretty compact, and you can easily store it in a tight place without any worries.

All things considered, this MikroTik hEX S is a very good option for gaming. However, it has one slight downside: the configuration. If you are not into the networking jargon, the overall setup might come off a bit difficult for you. It can be handled with some research and watching a couple of YouTube videos, but it is a point worth noting. But aside from that, we think it is the best wired router for gaming. You might want to check out some of the best routers for gaming in case you want to explore options with WiFi.

  • Supports up to 150 users
  • Tons of top-tier security features
  • Manage and monitor all devices from a single platform
  • Expensive
  • Overkill if not primarily used for a large organization

When it comes to choosing a router for business, you need something that can support a great number of users without compromising on the quality of the internet. For this, we recommend the Zyxel USG Flex 500, which we think is the best wired router for business. 

To begin with, a big reason why we think this router is ideal for businesses is its support for up to 150 users. This makes it a great choice for large organizations. Other than that, for connectivity, the router comes with 1x SFP port, 7x Gigabit LAN/WAN (configurable port), and a solid speed of up to 2,300 Mbps. 

That’s not everything there is about the router, as it also comes with robust security features to protect the users connected with it from online threats. All the security features, such as the protective firewall, can be accessed through a cloud management service, and this lets you control the security of all devices from a single place. 

From DNS and URL Threat Filters to IP Reputation, from 2-factor authentication to deep insights into every single connected device, the sheer amount of security features equipped with the USG FLEX is unmatched. Of course, most of these security features are subscription-based, and the router itself carries a hefty price tag, but this is already expected from a business router. 

  • 8x Gigabit ports
  • Supports QoS
  • Easy to set up
  • Only 4 ports are PoE+

If you’re looking for the best wired router for streaming, we would recommend the Linksys LGS108P. Apart from all of its other features, what makes this router perfect for streaming is its support for QoS, a feature found in some of the best routers for streaming. This means you can prioritize speed and bandwidth to Twitch or wherever you stream to get the best possible experience.

On top of that, the router supports Gigabit speeds, so if your internet plan is good enough, you should have no issues streaming HD content. At the back of the router, you will find 8 Gigabit ports, and while 4 of them are PoE+, it would have been even better to see more of them. But as it comes with a reasonable price tag, this isn’t much of an issue. 

Another good thing about the Linksys LGS108P is its installation. The router is surprisingly easy to set up. All you have to do is connect it, and you’re good to go. All in all, if you want to stream high-quality content and don’t want your connection to be laggy, the Linksys LGS108P is a very good way to avoid that.

How to pick the best wired router

As the market is filled with wired routers, it can get challenging to choose the best one. To help you out, we’ve listed a few important points you should keep in mind while making a purchase.

Speed and performance

Check the router’s speed specifications, usually measured in Mbps or Gbps, to make sure it’s fast enough for your internet plan. A good router should be able to deliver great speeds to provide you with a seamless internet experience. Also, make sure that the router can operate smoothly under load, even when multiple devices are connected to it at the same time.

Number of ports

If you have multiple devices, make sure to get a router with multiple ports. Some routers may offer only three to four ports, while others might feature more than eight ports. This all depends on whether you’re planning to get a router for a small home or a large organization.

Security features

As the internet is filled with dangers, it’s better to go with a router that comes packed with security features. Some routers come with firewalls that can act as a barrier against online threats. On top of that, they also offer support for VPNs, thanks to which you can browse the internet without worrying about your personal data getting leaked.


If you’re a gamer or a streamer, you’d want to go for a router that offers Quality of Service. This feature can help you prioritize the bandwidth to the most important device, such as your PC, laptop, or console. This way, you won’t have to worry about facing any lags or other hurdles while gaming or streaming.

Our Verdict

We think that the TP-Link ER605 V2 is the best-wired router currently available in the market. It features five Gigabit ports, which makes it an ideal choice for homes or offices. On top of that, it comes packed with robust security features, such as a powerful firewall, IP/MAC/URL filtering, IP-MAC binding, DoS defense, and more. Its setup is also pretty straightforward, so you won’t have to worry about spending hours just to get it working.