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What to Consider When Choosing a Place for Your Router?

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality
Last Updated on April 20, 2023
What to Consider When Choosing a Place for Your Router
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When setting up a home Wi-Fi network, you must decide where to place your Wi-Fi router. This little device is responsible for transmitting a wireless signal throughout your home, so it’s essential to position it in the right place to ensure a strong and reliable connection. 

Tips on Choosing a Place for Your Router

What You Must Consider When Choosing a Place for Your Router?

Here are some things to consider when deciding where to put your Wi-Fi router.

Consider the Layout of Your Home

The first thing you should do is think about the layout of your home. If you have a small apartment, you can place your router in a central location, such as on a bookshelf or in the corner of your living room.

However, you’ll need to think more strategically if you have a larger home with multiple floors or rooms.

Choose a Central Location

Ideally, you should place your router in a central location close to the center of your home. This will help ensure the signal can reach all areas of your home, including the far corners and upstairs bedrooms.

If you have a basement or an attic, avoid keeping your router in these areas, as the signal may struggle to penetrate solid walls and floors.

Elevate Your Router

Another way to improve the signal strength of your router is to elevate it. If you place your router on the floor or low to the ground, the signal may have difficulty reaching upstairs or to the other side of your home.

In choosing a place for your router, consider putting your router on a high shelf or on top of a piece of furniture to give the signal a clear path to travel.

Avoid Interference

Certain materials like metal, concrete, and brick can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals. Avoid keeping your router near these materials; choose a location with fewer obstacles.

Protect your router from other electronic devices emitting wireless signals, such as microwaves and cordless phones.

Should I Hide My Router for Aesthetic Reasons? 

Hiding your router in a closet or behind furniture may be tempting. But it can weaken the signal strength. Instead, try to place your router in an open and unobstructed area.

However, want to hide it for aesthetic reasons? Consider using a decorative box or cover that won’t interfere with the signal.


Choosing the right location for your Wi-Fi router can make a big difference in the strength and reliability of your wireless network. Considering the above points, you can enjoy a strong internet connection at home.

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