Where Is the Best Place to Keep Routers?

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Wireless routers work on the basis of their signal. The stronger the signals you receive, the more stable the internet connection will be. But to receive optimum signal, the place where you keep your router matters a lot. If your router receives bad signals, try changing its position. If you are wondering about the best place to keep the router, don’t worry, keep reading to find the best place to keep a routers.

Best Places to Keep the Router

There are many things to consider when correctly placing a router. Some of them are as below:

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Central Location

Wi-Fi signals are distributed in a circular shape. Therefore, to cover the largest area, it is better to place it in the center location of your home. Usually, the living or TV lounge is the central location of most houses or apartments. This will make the best use of signal strength in each corner of your home, making it more stable.

Higher Than the Floor Surface

When placing your router in a good place, don’t forget to elevate it from the floor surface. This will help to strengthen its signal resulting in better stability. This is because the floors usually dampen the router’s signal and absorb them too. The result will be a loss in signal strength and, ultimately, an unstable connection.

Try Different Places

Settling your router into one place can also be the root of the problem. Therefore, keep changing the place of the router from time to time. Also, avoid placing them near the walls, kitchen, and other electronic devices that block the signal.


How Often Should I Change Router?

Change your router after every 3-5 years if you are not facing any technical issues. New technology comes out after 3-5 years, and that is how long routers normally last.


The place in which you keep your router matters a lot. Therefore, consider the tips listed above to locate the best place to keep your router. Place it as openly as possible to avoid any interruption or interference from the surroundings.