Will A Good Router Stop Buffering?

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Buffering is the last thing you wish to see when watching an online movie or a video. Yes, we are talking about that annoying spinning circle sign which indicates that your video is being buffered or loading. It’s painful and requires you to wait until a certain amount of data is being downloaded from the other end. So, why does that happen, and can a good router help against it? 

Can a Good Router Stop Buffering?

It is common with most internet users that their routers are the first thing at fault every time an issue occurs. However, try upgrading your internet speed or plan instead of blaming the router and buying a newer one. Yes, buffering mostly happens when your internet speed is slow and is not receiving the data from the other end on time.

Therefore, to cover that time-lapse, it needs to buffer and start receiving data to play that particular video again. Especially buffering happens when you watch an HD or 4K high-resolution video. So, instead of buying a new or better router, get a fairly good router with a good internet speed and see how it makes a difference.


What is Buffering, and Why Does it Happen?

Buffering is a common yet annoying thing most users face while watching a video or movie online. So, if you are suffering from this issue, it is essential to know about it. The Buffering happens due to below two most common reasons:

  • Your internet connection speed or plan is low enough to handle the burden of that video you are buffering. Thus it takes time to stream it in real time.
  • Your router may lack speed, sending the video too slowly toward your device. Therefore a good router would stop buffering.


Buffering can no doubt spoil the whole show. Therefore, it needs immediate attention. Instead of going after the router, try upgrading the internet package or plan. This will help to increase the internet speed, which in return will automatically get rid of buffering.