Should I buy a smart watch?

Calling all fitness fanatics and wearable tech enthusiasts!

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If you’re looking to invest in a new piece of wearable tech, you might be wondering – should I buy a smart watch?

You should buy a smart watch if you’re a fitness enthusiast, have an extremely busy schedule or just enjoy being up to date with the latest wearable tech. They have lots of features which make them useful in many different ways – whoever you are, there will be a smart watch for you!

Smart watches are watches which connect to the internet, enabling them with a range of ‘smart’ features. This includes connection to apps like Spotify or Facebook Messenger, the ability to monitor and store biometrics, and much more. Some watches allow you to receive notifications from your smartphone, or even answer calls. They streamline communication, making life a lot easier in many ways. If that appeals to you, you might want to take a look at this guide to the best smart watches.

Is a smart watch right for me?

You might want to buy a smart watch if you are into fitness tracking. The majority have the ability to track heart rate, calories burned, sleep activity, and distance travelled. Most do this for running, but some also do for swimming, like this Garmin Instinct GPS Smartwatch, currently on sale at Best Buy for $169.99. Smart watches can give you a deeper insight into your biometrics than just your phone.

You might also want to consider a smart watch if you have a particularly busy life. Checking your messages and answering voice calls on a headset is even easier with these pieces of wearable tech, only requiring you to check your wrist.

The Apple Watch is a classic example of a smart watch which has mainstream popularity. However, there are plenty of other good ones on the market. We love the Samsung – Galaxy Watch5 Aluminum Smartwatch 44mm BT, currently on sale for just $259.99 at Best Buy.

PC Guide Smart Opinion

Smart watches are great bits of kit, which have the capacity to make your life a lot easier. They’re easy to use, too, and you can get one at a great price if you’re smart about sales-watching.

If you’re super into your fitness or have a really busy job, a smart watch is a seriously good idea.