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Best screen protector for Galaxy S24 in 2024

Last Updated on January 29, 2024
Best screen protector for Galaxy S24 in 2024. Image shows a black arrow pointing from a screen protector to the Galaxy S24, on a blue gradient background.

Are you about to be the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S24? If so, you’ll be more than aware of how important it is to keep your smartphone screen protected from scratches, cracks, and prying eyes. A high-quality screen protector is an essential accessory that can safeguard your device and provide peace of mind, so you probably want to invest sooner rather than later. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best screen protector for your Galaxy S24. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top screen protectors that offer privacy, protection, and budget-friendly options. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up four excellent screen protectors for you to take a look at, helping you make a guided step towards getting your pristine Galaxy S24 display guarded to keep that new phone feeling for longer.


Products at a Glance

How we picked the best screen protector for Galaxy S24

Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to understand that we do have a detailed selection process for our lineup of screen protectors. We conducted lengthy research, considering factors such as durability, ease of installation, clarity, and of course, customer reviews; anything deemed sub-par quality didn’t make the cut. Really, you’ve got two options when it comes to screen protector material, so we made sure to include both glass and plastic options to cater to those with a particular preference for either. We also took into account the overall value for money and compatibility with the Galaxy S24’s features, such as the fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera.

If you’re looking to kit out your Galaxy S24 following release day, we’ve also outlined our picks of the best cases for the Galaxy S24. Of course, you might not have actually made your purchase yet – in that case, here’s everything you need to know about where to buy the Galaxy S24.


Factors to consider when choosing your screen protector:

When selecting a screen protector for your Galaxy S24, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Protection: Look for a screen protector that offers high-quality protection against scratches, drops, and impacts.
  • Privacy: If privacy is a concern, opt for a screen protector with a privacy filter to prevent others from viewing your screen.
  • Clarity: Ensure that the screen protector maintains the clarity of your device’s display.
  • Installation: Consider the ease of installation and whether the screen protector comes with any installation kit, tools, or guides.
  • Compatibility: Check if the screen protector is compatible with your Galaxy S24 model and any phone cases you plan to use. Luckily, all the screen protectors we’ve chosen should be available for the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Privacy filter for enhanced security
  • 9H hardness for maximum protection against scratches
  • Oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint smudges
  • Ultra-thin design for seamless touch sensitivity
  • On the pricier side

First up, we’ve got the GOBUKEE for Samsung Galaxy S24 screen protector, which offers a combination of privacy, protection, and extra useful features. Crafted with high-quality tempered glass, this screen protector provides exceptional durability and scratch resistance, and allows the FHD screen quality to shine through. Its privacy filter ensures that your screen is only visible to you, preventing prying eyes from accessing your sensitive information by limiting viewing angles. This one is probably the most premium pick in our lineup, offering the highest level of protection from drops and bumps that might occur throughout phone usage.


  • Military-grade impact protection
  • Advanced clarity and touch sensitivity
  • Self-healing Nano-Memory Technology
  • Case-friendly design for compatibility with most phone cases
  • Easy, bubble-free application
  • You only get one per pack
  • Premium pricing

If you’re looking for a screen protector that provides extreme impact protection, the ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion XTR3 is the perfect choice for your Galaxy S24. This screen protector combines military-grade components with advanced technology to deliver unmatched durability and clarity. It features reinforced edges and multi-layer protection to safeguard your device against accidental drops and scratches. As mentioned, the highlight feature of this screen protector is its  RPF60 technology, which filters out harmful blue light and puts less strain on your eyes. This screen protector kit also comes with an installation tray to make the application process even easier. 


  • Aluminosilicate glass construction for enhanced strength
  • Anti-smudge and anti-glare properties
  • Case-friendly design
  • Some may prefer a matte finish over a glossy one

The BodyGuardz Pure 3 Glass Screen Protector is known for its durability and clarity, giving you an S24 experience akin to having a bare screen. Manufactured with aluminosilicate glass, this screen protector is incredibly strong and provides edge-to-edge protection for your Galaxy S24’s display: allegedly this technology provides five times greater durability than traditional tempered glass screen protectors. Its anti-smudge and anti-glare properties ensure a crystal-clear display, even in bright sunlight, and you can expect hassle-free installation through the inclusion of clear instructions and an alignment tray. Of course, one of the main benefits of a glass protector is that upon dropping, the protector does the shock-absorbing and shattering as opposed to your actual phone screen.


  • 9H hardness for superior protection
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges
  • Bubble-free installation
  • Not as durable as premium options

The LϟK [2+2] for Samsung Galaxy S24 screen protector is an affordable yet reliable option for protecting your Galaxy S24’s screen. Crafted with high-quality tempered glass, it offers excellent protection against scratches, drops, and daily wear and tear. The precise design ensures complete coverage while still maintaining touch sensitivity. Moreover, as well as being in a two-pack with extra backup protectors, this screen protector is highly rated, with buyers quoting the ease of installation and value for money.

Comparison table

To help you make a quick comparison between the screen protectors discussed above, we have compiled a comparison table highlighting their key features:

Screen Protector Privacy Filter Impact Protection Clarity Installation Blue Light Protection
GOBUKEE Yes Moderate High Easy Yes
ZAGG No Extreme High Moderate
BodyGuardz No Extreme High Easy
LϟK No Moderate High Easy

Installation tips

Follow these tips for a smooth and bubble-free installation of your chosen screen protector:

  • Clean your device’s screen thoroughly using a microfiber cloth and alcohol wipe.
  • Use the included alignment tray or guide to position the screen protector accurately.
  • Slowly peel off the backing of the screen protector and align it with the edges of your device’s screen.
  • Gently press down on the screen protector, starting from the center and moving towards the edges, to remove any air bubbles.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining bubbles or smudges.

What is the most protective type of screen protector?

The most protective type of screen protector you can buy is one that’s made from tempered glass. Since it’s stronger and thicker than a screen protector made from plastic, a tempered glass protector should offer you a higher level of resistance from scratches and cracking, and even has thermal resistance properties.

Our Verdict


Choosing the right screen protector for your Galaxy S24 is essential for maintaining its pristine condition, and we’ve made sure to explore some of the best options available in terms of privacy, protection, and affordability. Whether you prioritize privacy, blue light protection, extreme impact protection, or crystal clear clarity, there should be a screen protector in this guide that suits your needs – nevertheless, this is a great start for your own individual research.

If you need a privacy screen protector for your Galaxy S24, the GOBUKEE protector is the best option for you, yet on the other hand, if you need a screen protector for blue light protection, the ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion XTR3 protector is your best bet. For those seeking a tempered glass protector, we’ve highlighted the BodyGuardz Pure 3 Glass Screen protector, and finally picked the LϟK [2+2] protector for the budget-friendly buyer.