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Pixel 8 battery life – will it outlast the Pixel 7?

How is the battery of the Google Pixel 8 shaping up?
Last Updated on October 5, 2023
Pixel 8 battery life - will it outlast the Pixel 7? Image shows the text "Pixel 8 battery life - will it outlast the Pixel 7?" next to the new Pixel 8 phones, a battery and a question mark, on a blue yellow gradient background.
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The Google Pixel series is known for its impressive battery life, and with the confirmed release of the Google Pixel 8, many Pixel users are excited to see if it lives up to its predecessor, the Google Pixel 7.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the battery life of these two smartphones and explore the improvements made in the Pixel 8 that make it a worthy investment. Also, we’ll look at how long the Pixel 8 battery lasts and if it will come with a fast charge feature. In order to tell if the Pixel 8 battery life will outlast the Pixel 7, we have to look at some of the factors impacting the battery life of a phone, including battery capacity, processor efficiency, and battery optimization features. Let’s get started.

Battery capacity

One of the key factors affecting the battery life of a smartphone is the capacity of the battery itself. The Google Pixel 7 comes with a 4,355 mAh battery, which is decent when compared to other brands of smartphones available. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S23 features a 3,900 mAh battery, and the Galaxy S22 comes with a 3,700 mAh battery, both outperformed by the Pixel 7. Now that we’ve seen the official release of the Google Pixel 8, we’ve got it confirmed that it will feature a 4,575 mAh battery, that can give you a beyond-24-hour battery life, and up to 72 hours when on Extreme Battery Saver according to Google. This increase in battery capacity simply means that the Pixel 8 will offer improved battery life compared to its predecessor. In other words, the Pixel 8 battery life will end up outlasting the Pixel 7.

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Processor efficiency

The efficiency of a smartphone’s processor is another factor that affects battery life. The Google Pixel 8 comes with the latest Google Tensor G3 processor, quoted for its power efficiency. This processor is designed to boost performance while minimizing power consumption, resulting in longer battery life. On the other hand, the Pixel 7 comes with an older Tensor G2 processor, which may not offer the same level of efficiency compared to the Pixel 8’s Tensor G3, which has had every major subsystem upgraded according to Google.

Battery optimization features

Both the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 come with various battery optimization features that enhance their battery life. One such optimization feature is the battery-saving modes, which reduce background activity and limit performance to extend battery life. 

In addition, Android phones such as the Pixel 7, and therefore the Pixel 8, come with an adaptive battery feature that learns your usage patterns and optimizes battery usage accordingly. These features help boost battery life on both devices, although it is hoped that the Pixel 8 comes with more advanced battery optimization features due to being an upgraded device and including Android 14.

How long will the Pixel 8 battery life last?

While battery specifications can provide a good indication of battery life, real-world usage gives a clearer picture of things. The Pixel 7 has a reliable battery life, easily lasting a full day of moderate to heavy usage according to Google. So, with the improvements in battery capacity, processor efficiency, and battery optimization features, the Google Pixel 8 is expected to offer even better battery performance. According to the Google website, the Pixel 8 should have at least a 24-hour battery life, that can be extended to roughly 72 hours when using Extreme Battery Saver.

Will the Pixel 8 have fast charge?

While battery life is crucial, so is the charging speed. It is now confirmed that the Google Pixel 8 will have fast charging capabilities, allowing users to quickly recharge their devices. With the inclusion of faster charging, users can gain several hours of battery life with just a few minutes of charging. The Pixel 8 has fast wired charging rates of up to 27W and wireless rates of up to 18W, significantly outperforming the 20W wired and 12W wireless charging speeds of the Pixel 7. However, these figures are based upon the use of the Google 30W USB-C charger that is sold separately.

Final thoughts

So, there are our current figures for the battery life and charging speeds of the next-gen Google Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 8. The full reveal of the device at the Made by Google event on the 4th of October launched the pre-orders of the Pixel 8, and we’ve now got a full for-sale date of the 12th of October. You can weigh in here on our judgments about whether the Google Pixel 8 is worth the wait.

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