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Where to buy Google Pixel 8a upon release – expected retailers & pre order

Everything there is to know about where to buy and pre order the Google Pixel 8a
Last Updated on April 18, 2024
Where to buy Google Pixel 8a pre order
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Anyone keen to pick up a more budget-friendly smartphone may want to know where to buy Google Pixel 8a, Google’s latest addition to their cheaper a-series. From what we know so far, there isn’t long at all until the Pixel 8a release date is here, so we’re also going to take a look at any pre order details out there so far.

Ever since the first photos of this new phone allegedly surfaced, we’ve been excited to find out where you can buy one. It is more or less guaranteed that the 8a will be launched at the upcoming Google I/O event taking place from May 14th, so it could be available to buy and/or pre order in just a few weeks time.

Is there a Google Pixel 8a pre order available?

Right now, the Pixel 8a is yet to be launched. As such, you won’t find any pre orders just yet – but they should be soon here. Looking back to last year’s 7a, it became fully available to purchase just a day after it launched. That didn’t leave much room in the way of pre orders, but we saw some launch bonus deals in a similar vain. Whether the new 2024 model follows the same release schedule is yet to be seen, so we’ll be paying close attention during Google I/O.

Where to buy Google Pixel 8a – US expected retailers

Aside from checking out the official Google store, there are a couple of great retailers that regularly stock Pixel phones in the US. We’d recommend having a look on Amazon or Best Buy once the Pixel 8a is announced.


Best Buy

Where to buy Google Pixel 8a – Canada expected retailers

Canada will be another key market for Google, with the same retailers as the US being prevalent.


Best Buy

Where to buy Google Pixel 8a – UK expected retailers

In the UK, it’s worth shopping around at more local retailers such as Currys, though Amazon of course remains a good choice.



Will there be a Google Pixel 8a pre order bonus?

We don’t yet know whether the Google Pixel 8a will get a pre order bonus, but we can look back to last year as a rough guide. Like we said above, there wasn’t much of a pre-order period at all – instead, retailers were offering limited-time promotions.

For example, you could get an extra $50 off plus a $50 gift voucher at Best Buy. Alternatively, some places were offering the Pixel Buds A-series wireless earphones for completely free with you purchase of the Pixel 7a. We hope to see similar offers this year for the Pixel 8a.

How much will the Google Pixel 8a cost?

This is another detail we won’t know about for sure until Google I/O, so we’re best off waiting until then. On the flipside, there has been some speculation.

Going off the launch price of the 7a last year, it actually saw an increase up to $499/£449, which was $50/£50 more than the 6a. With that in mind, we could yet see another price hike due to new upgrades on board – $550 is rumored by Android Authority.

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