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The first photos of the Google Pixel 8a have allegedly surfaced

Last Updated on April 9, 2024
Gold-colored Google Pixel 8a smartphone with dual camera displayed against a blue background.
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The Google Pixel 8a is planning to make waves in the smartphone market. With great specs and a price that’s perfect for the mid-range market, many are excited to see what this phone will bring to the market. The latest leak for the Pixel 8a shows a full photo of the phone.

The photo, leaked by TechDroider on Twitter, shows a front and back photo of the black version of the Pixel 8a. The back photos of the phone are standard fare for Google Pixel phones, including the housing on the top right of the phone that holds the two cameras. The front on the phone though, is what’s causing some controversy. There are pretty large bezels surrounding the screen. These thick black bezels are causing some controversy for the phone, as many believe they’re too big.

Google Pixel 8a photos have leaked, and they show off some large bezels

While the thick bezels won’t bother everyone, there are many who aren’t fans of the design. The thick black bezels surround the screen and give the phone a much more rounded look. Especially when compared to the Pixel 7a, the phone appears to be much more circular in design than its predecessor.

The 6.1-inch display is just one part of the Google Pixel 8a, though. The phone supposedly has a faster charger speed, a Tensor G3 core, and Android 14 OS. These are all pretty impressive specs for a mid-range phone, whose prices are rumored to be around $500.

The Google Pixel 8a will likely be shown off at the Google I/O 2024 conference, which will be happening this May. Since the conference is coming soon, we can expect plenty more leaks for the smartphone to come out. The phone so far is looking primed to be a great addition to the mid-range lineup. We’re excited to see more of this Google Pixel, even with its large bezels.

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