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MSI confirms they are focusing on Nvidia RTX GPUs over AMD following speculation

An official word from MSI at last
Last Updated on April 29, 2024
MSI confirms they are focusing on Nvidia RTX GPUs over AMD following speculation
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First off, we recently reported on that the fact that MSI seem to have slowed down their focus on AMD graphics cards, potentially spelling a halt on production. We thought that MSI might stop releasing new Radeon GPUs, but we finally have official word on the situation. They say that they’re simply focusing on RTX cards instead, and have no plans on ceasing collaboration with AMD.

It’s true that the RTX 40 series has been a big success for Nvidia. They remains leaders in the GPU market and MSI clearly wants to be a part of that, shifting focus in Nvidia’s favor to make the most of the demand. However, AMD motherboards will remain a key market for MSI to target.

MSI plans to focus on Nvidia RTX GPUs more

Many noticed that availability for Radeon RX 7000 series cards from MSI has been scarce as of late, which could point towards discontinuation – though this has yet to be officially confirmed. Either way, their focus on the 40 series instead is evident, with models widely available at the time of writing, from the RTX 4060 up to the RTX 4090.

It looks like MSI is siding with Team Green this generation due to popularity. German outlet Hardwareluxx contacted MSI, and they are quoting as saying “our focus at the moment is actually more on RTX cards” (translated). It still isn’t completely clear whether they’ll stop manufacturing Radeon graphics cards, or continue with reduced output.

A quote on a graphic background stating a company's focus on Nvidia RTX GPUs and the importance of collaboration with AMD in technological development.
MSI statement on focus on RTX GPUs and AMD motherboards (source: Hardwareluxx)

They’ll still be working on motherboards for AMD

In the same message from MSI to Hardwareluxx above, they also touch on that fact that their “collaboration with AMD is essential and extremely relevant”. As such, they’ll continue to work with AMD in the case of motherboards as this is an area with “positive development”.

This is backed up by the fact that MSI recently confirmed that their 600 series motherboards will be compatible with the upcoming Ryzen 9000 series Zen 5 CPUs.

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