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Nvidia RTX 40 series GPUs could get even pricier despite next-gen on the way

Might to be time to snap one up, or should you wait for RTX 50 series?
Last Updated on April 29, 2024
Nvidia RTX 40 series GPUs could get even pricier despite next-gen on the way
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The 40 series is still Nvidia’s most recent generation of graphics cards, but not for long, as the 50 series release date is expected this year. You may think that the ‘aging’ RTX 40 GPUs will only decrease in value as time goes on, but their popularity could even result in a price rise due to stock shortages.

This seems to be especially true for the RTX 4060 Ti, which is seen is a great entry-level option over the less appealing RTX 4060 in terms of value for money. It has also proven to be a hit in China, driving up demand by a massive amount.

RTX 40 series GPU supply shortage may drive price hike

Nvidia continue to lead the GPU market – dominating the Steam hardware survey, despite solid competition from AMD and even Intel these days. These two rivals are competitive in the mid-range, but this report from Wccftech via Chinese site Board Channels shows that the popularity of the 4060 Ti is bottlenecking supply chains. As a result, there is an estimated price increase of 10%, which could even affect other GPUs of the same generation.

Should I wait until the 50 series?

There’s always the question of buying now, or waiting for the next generation. Well, if you want the very best graphics card available, then waiting will be worth it. Do note that the initial RTX 50 series cards will more than likely be the high-end SKUs, so if you’re looking for something much more modest, you’d be waiting a while until the new mid-range arrives.

In the case of the latter, then definitely the 40 series offers a good range of picks to choose from. The popularity of the RTX 4060 Ti proves that it is a great value option, and something like the newer RTX 4070 Super will offer an excellent performance lift.

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