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Fix Error Code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23

Let's get you back on the court, with this guide

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
Fix error code 4b538e50 in NBA 2K23
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Error codes put a blunt end to the joy of gaming until they’re resolved. So if you’re seeing the error code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23, hopefully, we can get you back on the court shortly.

Error Code 4B538E50 is a tricky one to know about, so we’ve put all the information you need right here.

How to Fix Error Code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23

Connectivity is key here, so there are several checks you can do to get to the bottom of the issue. As your connection to the NBA 2K23 servers is likely behind the error code, these are the best steps to take.

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Check your internet connection

As the Error Code 4B538E50 is a connectivity related error, first check that your are connected to the Internet.

Also check that your home WiFi or Internet connection is working correctly. Do this on another device, as well as checking whether your console or PC connected.



(Optional) Restart your console/PC and router

If you appear to have Internet connectivity issues, restart your console or PC.

Still not connected to the Internet? Reboot your router, and wait for it to boot up before trying to connect to the NBA 2K23 game servers once more.

These steps will ensure you have a ‘clean slate’ your end. If your router wasn’t connected to the Internet, this may have solved your issue.

Or, if it wasn’t and still isn’t connected to the Internet, that will be why you are seeing the error code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23.

To resolve persistent router or Internet issues contact your Internet Service Provider.



Check NBA 2K23 server status

If everyting your end appears to be working as it should, you should look towards the game’s servers as the potential cause of the error.

This is to ensure that there are no reported issues with the NBA 2K23 servers.

This could be causing you to see error code 4B538E50, and if it is you’ll need to wait for EA’s team to resolve the issue or any maintenance to be completed.

To check the status of the game severs, head over to the NBA 2K server status page, on your computer or mobile device.

Additionally, you can check the 2K Support Twitter Feed for any news.



Reinstall the game

This is a last ditch step.

If you have good Internet connectivity, and the NBA 2K23 game servers are fine, then you may want to uninstall and reinstall your game.

In some instances, this may help to resolve the error code 4B538E50.

That’s it. These are the steps to resolving the error code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23. If there’s not a problem with your connectivity, it is likely an issue on the game server side.

If that is the case, the best thing to do is keep an eye on any news and wait it out. And to keep visualizing those three-pointers so you can get back to tearing up the court soon.

What does error code 4b538e50 mean on 2K22?

The error code 4b538e50 means the same in 2K22 as it does in 2K23. It means that your game cannot log in to the game servers due to a connectivity issue.

Try the steps in this guide to resolve the issue, or you may just need to wait it out.

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