Steam Not Opening – Fixes

Is your Steam Client not opening? We go through what you can do about it

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Steam is a great tool for both downloading, grouping, and modding games. The launcher is generally great and works without hiccups, but there are times when you might come across some problems with it. For example, from time to time you might find that Steam not opening.

So let’s say you’re dealing with this issue and you’re not sure how to fix it. You just want to open Steam and play some games – perhaps there’s a new release you’re dying to play. But for whatever reason, your Steam app just will not open. If this is what you’re dealing with, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the guide below, we’re going to outline several different reasons why steam may not be opening. We’re going to take you through ways to fix this issue, and hopefully, by the end, your Steam client will be back to its usual functionality.

Let’s get into it, fix your Steam, and get you gaming again.

Why is Steam not opening?

There are many reasons why Steam might not be opening for you. Some of these reasons could be as simple as needing to update or reinstall Steam. Others can be more complicated, such as having malware on your computer.

It’s important to know the difference between each one so you don’t waste your time trying to figure out which one caused your problem in the first place.

The good news is that most of these issues have easy solutions, and once you understand them, fixing them should be pretty straightforward. So let’s dive into some of the possible causes of your Steam client not opening.



Your Steam account has been disabled

If you try to launch Steam, but instead receive an error stating “Your account was disabled due to suspicious activity” or something similar, then this is likely the cause of your issue. This means that your Steam account has been disabled due to suspicious activity.

If you do happen to be experiencing this type of error, then you’ll need to contact your Steam support team to resolve the issue. They may ask you to provide proof that you did not commit any crimes, and they’ll work with you to get things sorted out.



Your Steam account has been locked

Another possibility is that your Steam account has simply been locked. If you received a message saying that your account has been locked out, then this is probably the case.

Once you log in, you’ll be able to unlock your account and regain access to all of your content.



Your Steam account has become inactive

This is another potential cause of your Steam app not opening. If you receive a message saying that your Steam account has become inactive, then this is most likely the case.

Once your account becomes inactive, you’ll lose access to all of your games, save data, achievements, etc. However, you’ll still retain ownership of your games, and you’ll be able to download them at any point in the future.



Your Steam account has gone offline

Another possibility is that your Steam Account has gone offline. If you receive a notification that says your Steam account has gone offline, then this is most certainly the case.

You won’t be able to log in to your account until you reconnect to the internet. Once you reconnect, you’ll be able to sign back into your account and everything will be fine.



You have no internet connection

A fifth possibility is that you don’t have an active internet connection. If you receive a warning about being unable to connect to the Internet, then this is almost definitely the reason behind your issue.

To fix this, you’ll need to make sure that you have an active internet connection before attempting to open Steam.



The Steam Service is down

It could be that the Steam service itself is down. If you receive a notice that states the Steam service is currently unavailable, then this is most definitely the case.

To fix this, you’ll just need to wait until it comes back online.

What to do if Steam still isn’t opening

Sometimes no matter what the cause and the steps you take you may still be facing issues. If this is the case it may be best just to uninstall Steam altogether and then reinstall Steam.

Final Thoughts

Many of these issues can be fixed by simply reinstalling Steam, or restarting your PC. But if you’re still having issues then you might need to go a little further, such as restoring your system using System Restore or doing a Windows Reset.

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