Can you play Roblox on the Steam Deck? Potentially

Can you play Roblox on the Steam Deck? Yes, you can. Image shows the Steam Deck with the Roblox home page on its screen, on a light blue background.

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The Roblox virtual universe has captivated hundreds of millions of players worldwide with its cross-platform accessibility and growing community, but is it possible to play Roblox on the Steam Deck? Valve’s portable handheld console gives gamers a wealth of games through its SteamOS, but the Linux-based nature of the device means that compatibility issues aren’t too uncommon. As one of the most successful online games, it’s no wonder that gamers are asking if you can play Roblox from the Steam Deck as it’s technically a portable gaming PC. So, in this article, we’ll aim to cover all the questions you may have about playing this popular MMO from the handheld console, the Steam Deck.

Can you play Roblox on the Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, Roblox is not available natively on Steam, but this does not mean that you can’t access the game from your Steam Deck; you’ll just have to make use of a launcher to get it up and running. The implementation and development of anti-cheat software in Roblox means that its support for Linux has been on and off for a few months. However, a recent solution seems to be a solid way of getting the game running from Linux-based operating systems, such as SteamOS. The management application called Grapejuice acts as a launcher and installer, allowing you to configure Wine and Roblox to run correctly on Linux, and hence on your Steam handheld.

Here’s how to get Roblox running through Grapejuice on your Steam Deck in a few simple steps:



Download Grapejuice to your Steam Deck.

To get started, put your Steam Deck into Desktop Mode, and head into the Discover Store. Search for ‘Grapejuice’, and press download.



Install Roblox using Grapejuice.

Now, when you open your Deck’s start menu and search for Grapejuice, the Roblox app should come up beneath the Grapejuic icon. Open the Roblox app to start the download of the software, and click OK when the installation has been completed.



Log in to Roblox.

With the software all downloaded, when Roblox opens all that’s left is to log in using your credentials. Don’t be concerned if another pop-up appears telling you Wine Geko is being installed, as it’s part of the process of launching Rolox.



Add Roblox as a non-Steam game

The final step will be adding Roblox as a non-Steam game to your Steam Library so you can access the app in Game Mode as well as Desktop Mode. To do this, enter Desktop Mode again and go to Steam Client. You should see an ‘Add Game’ button in the lower left hand corner. Click through to ‘Add a Non-Steam game’, and find the application you just downloaded.

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Tips for a smooth download

As with downloading any software, before you start you’ll want to make sure that your Steam Deck has sufficient storage space and battery life to complete the download without any hiccups or problems, as downloading Roblox can be draining on your consoles battery and storage!

Are there any performance issues while playing Roblox on the Steam Deck?

It’s essential to note that while it is possible to play Roblox on the Steam console using third-party launchers, there’s a chance you might encounter some compatibility issues. Since Roblox is not officially integrated with the Steam Deck’s hardware and control schemes, you may experience some runtime, functionality, and performance limitations. Some of these issues include touch and trackpad glitches and problems with button integration, as well as possible input errors, bugs, and occasional crashes due to the configuration.

Will Roblox be compatible with the Steam Deck in the future?

As of now, Roblox does not have official support for the Steam Deck. However, we’ve seen official proof from the Roblox staff forum confirming that you can use Grapejuice to configure Wine and Roblox to correctly run through Linux (via It’s FOSS News) Wine is a compatibility layer that allows Windows applications to run on Linux systems, and it is the foundation of Proton, Valve’s version of Wine. Although there are no concrete plans for a Linux client, the company potentially sees the value in making Roblox compatible with Wine as it would provide Linux users with the opportunity to play Roblox without investing in a native client.

This suggests that there is hope for Roblox to be natively compatible with the Steam Deck in the future, albeit with the use of third-party launchers such as Grapejuice and Wine. We can expect further updates and improvements in compatibility as developers continue to work on making Roblox accessible to a broader range of platforms, including Linux-based systems like the Steam Deck.

Wrapping Up

While Roblox is not officially available on the Steam Deck, you can still enjoy the game on this portable gaming device using third-party launchers such as Grapejuice. However, it’s important to keep in mind the potential compatibility issues and limitations that may arise due to the game not being natively playable. Despite these challenges, the dedicated efforts of developers are continually improving the Roblox gaming experience on the Steam Deck.

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