Can you play Elden Ring on the Steam Deck?

Ah, Tarnished... you want to play on the go?

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Elden Ring, From Software’s latest dark fantasy action role-playing game, is doing gangbusters on the Steam charts, as well as on console, becoming one of the most played games concurrently on the PC platform of all time. The twisted take on dark fantasy, backed by a scenario written by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is a mixture of classic Dark Souls difficulty and modern open-world exploration games, with a focus on the freedom to get clobbered wherever you go.

Elden Ring performance on Steam Deck

Well, the PC version of Elden Ring did hit a ‘mixed’ response from Steam reviews, as the version of the game in its current state is suffering from massive stuttering issues on even the highest tier of builds.

Valve did certify the game to run on Steam Deck, but Linux is still having frequent issues with the Easy Anti-Cheat software that From Software has implemented to stave off any nefarious wrongdoers.

Valve has said that a fix is coming for the stuttering, but reports on ProtonDB for those running Linux distros on beefier PCs are claiming that it is running better than Windows right now.

Other reports are claiming that Elden Ring is yet another game that will suck up the rather small battery of the Steam Deck, with TechRadar finding their unit had a power loss of 7% in just 10-minutes, making it unwise to play it without a charger in place.