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Is the Pixel Tablet good for drawing?

Could Google's Pixel Tablet be a good drawing companion?
Last Updated on October 30, 2023
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You might know the Google Pixel Tablet as a unique device that combines the functionality of an Android tablet with the versatility of a smart display: but is the Pixel Tablet good for drawing? While it may not be marketed specifically as a drawing tablet, many users are curious about its drawing capabilities. In this article, we will explore whether the Pixel Tablet is powerful enough for drawing and discuss the screen colors and stylus options available for artists and note-takers.

Can I draw on the Pixel Tablet?

When it comes to drawing on a tablet, one of the crucial factors is the device’s power and performance. The Pixel Tablet is equipped with a powerful Tensor G2 processor and ample RAM, making it capable of handling various drawing applications and software. While it may not match the performance of high-end drawing tablets or desktop computers, the Pixel Tablet should be able to handle most drawing tasks with ease. In fact, it’s a slightly lesser-known fact that the tablet has USI 2.0 support, and you can make use of any USI 2.0 stylus for drawing, writing, and navigating both its tablet and Hub Modes.

The tablet’s processing power, combined with the Android operating system, allows for a smooth and responsive drawing experience. Artists can expect minimal lag when using brushes, layers, and other features commonly found in drawing software. However, it’s worth noting that some heavy-duty features in professional drawing applications may put a strain on the device’s resources.

Pixel Tablet screen colors and accuracy

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a tablet for drawing is the quality and accuracy of the screen colors. The Pixel Tablet features a high-resolution LCD panel display that offers vibrant and vivid colors. The tablet also sports a resolution of 1,600 x 2,560 and a 60Hz refresh rate. While it may not provide the same level of color accuracy as professional-grade drawing tablets, it should satisfy the needs of most artists.

The screen colors on the Pixel Tablet are designed to be visually appealing and enjoyable for multimedia consumption. However, if color accuracy is crucial for your work, it’s recommended to calibrate the tablet’s display using color calibration tools or external monitors to ensure consistency across different devices.

Does the Pixel Tablet come with a pen?

One of the considerations when choosing a tablet for drawing is the availability of a compatible stylus. At the time of writing, there is no official stylus specifically designed for the Pixel Tablet, although the tablet does have USI 2.0 stylus support. In many ways, this is a bonus, as you can find many affordable USI 2.0 styluses that might cost a lot less than official products. They also don’t require pairing – so you can use it straight out of the box. However, signs point to Google releasing a stylus compatible with the Pixel Tablet in the future, given that the Pixelbook Pen only works with the Pixelbook or the Pixel Slate. If drawing is a primary concern for you, it may be worth waiting for the official stylus to be released. Or, consider investing in an iPad with an Apple Pencil, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab that comes equipped with an S-Pen.

What pens work with a Pixel Tablet?

While the Pixel Tablet doesn’t come with a pen, there are third-party stylus options available that are compatible with the Pixel Tablet. The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) 2.0 protocol is supported by the Pixel Tablet, allowing for the use of various USI 2.0 styluses. These styluses offer pressure sensitivity and can be used for writing, drawing, and navigation on the tablet.

Some popular USI 2.0 stylus options include the Lenovo USI Pen 2, the HP Rechargeable USI Pen, and the Penoval USI 2.0 Chromebook Stylus. These styluses vary in price, weight, length, and other features. Artists can choose a stylus based on their preferences and budget.

In summary

The Google Pixel Tablet is a capable device for drawing, thanks to its powerful processor and responsive touch screen. While it may not offer the same level of performance as dedicated drawing tablets, it should handle most drawing tasks with ease. The screen colors are vibrant and visually appealing, although color accuracy may not be on par with professional-grade devices. Although there is no official stylus for the Pixel Tablet yet, the availability of third-party USI 2.0 styluses provides artists with options for drawing and navigation, and artists can choose from various styluses based on their preferences and budget.

Ultimately, if drawing is a primary focus for you, it may be worth considering the Pixel Tablet along with a compatible stylus. However, it’s important to keep in mind that individual preferences and requirements may vary, so it’s recommended to try out the tablet and stylus options before making a purchase. So, whether you’re an aspiring artist or a professional looking for a versatile drawing device, the Google Pixel Tablet can be a viable option that combines the functionality of a tablet with the convenience of a smart display.

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