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Best TV under $600 in 2024 – our top picks

Here are the best TVs you can get for under $600.
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best TV under 600

Looking for the best TV under $600? We’ve got you covered right here.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to getting a TV under 600 dollars, and that can make the selection process quite challenging. From what we’ve seen, OLED isn’t really available at this price at any size, and while you may find QLED TVs below $600 in the sales, this is also rare to find at full price in this budget range. That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom, as you see from our selection.

Many TVs below six hundred dollars have LED displays and, with some more recent models, even pack some gaming features like 120hz refresh rates and VRR. Typically, you’ll find more premium features at around 43 inches, and these tend to tail off a bit the larger you get – as you’d expect.

If you want a more premium option from a leading brand, you can get some stunning TVs at 43 – 55 inches. Going larger, you’ll find the likes of Hisense, TCL, Insignia, and more – and for under $600, we think these are some of the best value-for-money picks.

Here, we’ll take you through some of what we think are the best TVs for under $600 on the market today.


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How we picked

We’ve used our expertise to evaluate the current offerings on the market, taking into account customer reviews, specs, design, and value for money. Our aim is to give you as much information as possible about the product and demystify any challenging jargon along the way, so you can make an informed decision. We update our selections based on new releases, new technology, and more, so we can give you the most up-to-date selection possible.

And remember, we have guides on practically every type of TV you can think of, so if considering what you can get for a smaller budget, check out our best TVs under $300 for more ideas.

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  • HDMI 2.1 connection
  • VRR support
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Somewhat smaller display size

We’ll start off our list with the best 4K TV that you can get for under $600 – the Sony 43-inch X85K. Even though the 43-inch display is smaller than other TVs on this list, the TV is packed with high-end features.

The highlight of this TV is the addition of HDMI 2.1 – and this is the only TV on this list to have the latest HDMI connection. With HDMI 2.1, you get features like VRR, enhanced colour accuracy, better bandwidth, and much more.

Further, the Sony X85K has a native refresh rate of 120Hz, which is quite an upgrade over the usual 60Hz. This, combined with the Motion Blur feature, should give you detailed, uninterrupted visuals while playing fast-paced video games or watching action movies.

Coming to the display, the 43-inch 4K display is backed by Triluminos Pro to give you a wider spectrum of colours. And with the 4K XR-Reality Pro, content gets upscaled to an almost 4K level.

Overall, the Sony X85K packs quite a lot of advanced features like HDMI 2.1 connection, VRR for gaming, 120Hz refresh rate, and much more. And with a price tag that’s below $600, this one is quite a steal.

  • Huge 75-inch display
  • HDR10 and HLG support
  • ALLM for gaming
  • No VRR support

TCL’s S4 75-inch is one of the most budget-friendly TVs that strikes a good balance between features and price.

Since the main selling point is the massive display, we will start off with that. The 75-inch 4K display promises to deliver extremely detailed visuals. Plus, HDR should ensure that you see all the finer details and high contrast. And to add to your cinematic experience, the TV even features DTS Virtual: X.

Much like other TVs on this list, the TCL TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which should be sufficient for your casual games. Further, it also offers ALLM, so you can expect the TV to deliver a low latency input. The only feature missing is VRR. If VRR was available on this TV, it would be the best large-display mid-range TV.

Overall, suppose you’re looking for a TV with a large display with all the features you would ever need from a gaming standpoint and a decent color gamut for an amazing viewing experience, all for under $600. In that case, we highly recommend you check this out.

  • Big 70-inch screen
  • DTS Studio Sound for immersive audio
  • FireTV makes it easy to stream shows
  • No ALLM

If you want a big screen without going over your budget, then INSIGNIA’s F30 might be a fit for you. The TV has a huge 70-inch 4K UHD display, which should be perfect for watching movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Along with the massive display, INSIGNIA F30 has DTS Studio Sound, which promises to produce immersive audio.

As this model is a smart FireTV, you get access to live over-the-air channels and streaming. You can stream content from Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, and several other platforms. And to make it easy for you to control, the TV is Alexa-enabled – so all you have to do is command Alexa.

For less than $600, the Insignia 70-inch F30 has something going for it. If you’re looking for a vast display that has modern features, this TV is undoubtedly one of the most budget-friendly ones you can get. For more recommendations, we’d recommend checking out our top picks for the best 70-inch TVs on the market today.

  • Blur-free visuals with Motion Blur
  • Almost 4K quality with upscaling
  • Exclusive features for PS5
  • Mediocre audio

The Sony X77L provides a fantastic picture quality for a TV that’s below $600. If you’re looking for a TV mainly for watching Netflix (or other streaming platforms), then you can consider getting this model. But this does not mean that the Sony X77L cannot be used for gaming – we’ll get to that in a minute.

Sony’s X77L model has a good 55-inch display with 4K resolution – so you can expect it to deliver crisp, high-quality visuals. Further, with 4K XR-Reality Pro, the TV can upscale visuals to 4K level and deliver better quality.

If you have a PS5, then the X77L model has some exclusive features. With auto HDR tone mapping and auto Genre Picture mode, your visuals get optimized automatically, giving you a better gaming experience. Plus, the TV also has Motionflow XR, which reduces blur during fast-paced movies and video games.

Considering that the Sony X77L has many features, for under $600, it is a TV that you should look at if you want a display that offers flexibility in terms of usability. Whether you’re watching on YouTube or Netflix or while you’re playing video games, the Sony X77L will be able to suit your needs for a budget-friendly price.

  • HDR10 and HLG support
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • ALLM for gaming
  • Could have more features

Considering the budget, the TCL Class 4-Series 4K is a solid option that you need to check out. It’s quite versatile and would be suitable for most activities like watching sports, TV shows, playing video games, or even common streaming platforms.

To start with, you get a huge 65-inch 4K display with wide viewing angles, making it a good fit for watching content. Plus, it has HDR10, which, along with HLG support, should deliver sharper visuals. Further, the TCL TV features Dolby Atmos, which should tweak your movies.

For gaming, you get a 60Hz refresh rate to work with – so you can play most of your casual games smoothly. You also get ALLM, so you can expect a low input lag while gaming.

While all these features are ideal at this price point, we expected more, considering lower-cost options offer a wider array of features. The TCL Class 4-Series is a fantastic option for sub $600. It has all the features you need for a typical TV setup. While this is a fantastic TV for average media consumption, there might be better options for gaming purposes.

How to pick the best TV under $600

To pick a TV that best suits your needs, you have to determine your requirements first. The TV should be of a suitable size, have the best possible resolution, wide viewing angles, HDR support for sharper images, sufficient refresh rate, and gaming features.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should look for in a TV.

Display Size

A bigger screen may not always be better. In fact, you might end up compromising on the picture quality and viewing experience if you pick the wrong size. Ideally, you want a TV that fits into your space and can be viewed comfortably. A bigger screen might overwhelm a small room, while a smaller screen might not provide a good view.

The quickest way to determine the right TV size is to calculate the distance between your seating and the TV inches, divide that distance in half and you’ll get a rough idea. For example, if the distance between your chair and TV is 110 inches, then you should look for TVs that are around 55 inches. On that note, you can check out the best 50-inch TVs available out there.


Whether you’re going for a big TV or not, it’s good to get the best possible resolution within your budget. Most TVs featured on this list have a resolution of 4K, so you do not have to worry about that part.


If you’re going for more contrast and better color – look for HDR10 or another variation. OLED is the best for contrast, but some of the best QD-OLED TVs also pack a punch and have a bit more brightness.

Refresh Rate

Most entries on this list have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is standard and sufficient for most usages. However, the refresh rate of your TV will affect your gaming experience, so if you’re planning to play video games or watch fast-paced action movies a lot, then you might consider getting a TV with a higher refresh rate like the Sony X85K. Go for 120hz in this case.

Gaming Features

If you’re looking to play games on your TV frequently, then you should get a TV with features that deliver a better gaming experience. Most TVs come with ALLM and a decent refresh rate, which is good for casual gaming. However, for serious gaming, you can look for VRR. motion blur, HDMI 2.1 support, and other features that make gaming easier.



Our Verdict

With a 43-inch display, the Sony X85K has a smaller display when compared to other entries in our list. But it has some excellent features that are usually available in high-end TVs, which makes the X85K a top pick. For under $600, you get an HDMI 2.1 connection, 120Hz refresh rate, and VRR for gaming – which are quite a few advanced features. If the smaller screen size does not bother you, then Sony X85K is quite a steal with that price tag.