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Hisense TV not connecting to WiFi – possible causes and how to fix

Last Updated on January 15, 2024
hisense tv not connecting to wifi
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If you want to know how to fix your Hisense TV not connecting to WiFi, then you have landed on the right page. 

Hisense is a reputable brand that manufactures a wide range of TVs. But even some of the best Hisense TVs are prone to occasional hiccups.

Now, your TV not connecting to WiFi is not usually a big deal, and it can be solved quite easily. Very often, restarting the router, reconnecting to the WiFi network, or a power cycle is enough to resolve this issue. However, if this does not work, then your WiFi signal might be weak, your TV might not be in the WiFi range, or your internet service is down. 

With that being said, we have compiled a brief guide on how you can troubleshoot your Hisense TV not connecting to the WiFi. 

Why my Hisense TV won’t connect to WiFi

  • TV is out of the WiFi router range
  • Suspended internet connection
  • Faulty WiFi card
  • Firmware not updated

How to fix Hisense TV not connecting to WiFi



Reconnect TV to WiFi network

If your Hisense TV won’t connect to the TV, the first thing that you can do is reconnect to the WiFi network. Most of the time, it works. 

Here’s how to do that – 

  • Head over to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Click open ‘General Settings’
  • Click on ‘Network Status’
  • Reset the network settings
  • Restart your TV
  • Connect to your WiFi network again



Power cycle your Hisense TV

Performing a power cycle is like quickly rebooting your TV. As this method drains off any residual power from the TV, it helps solve several minor tech problems. 

Here’s how to do a power cycle – 

  • Turn your TV off and unplug it from the wall outlet
  • Wait for up to a minute
  • Plug the adapter back into the wall outlet 
  • Use the power button on the TV to turn it on

After the TV turns back on, try connecting to your WiFi again.



Try restarting your router

If you think your router is the culprit, then you can try restarting the device and reconnecting it to your TV. All you have to do is turn the main switch of your router off and wait for a few seconds. Then, turn it back on and check if your TV is detecting and connecting to your router.



Check WiFi signal strength

If your TV does not seem to be the problem, then it is likely that the WiFi signal is weak or the internet service is temporarily unavailable. 

Here’s what you can do to check if your WiFi is working or not – 

  • Check if you have internet connectivity on other devices
  • Check the internet speed 
  • Try moving the router and TV closer to each other to see if the TV is out of the WiFi range

If your WiFi does not seem to be working, then you can get in touch with your Internet Service Provider. 



Connect to the right band

If you have a dual-band WiFi router, then you need to check if your TV is connected to the right band. Now, most of the newer Hisense TVs can connect to the 5GHz band and give you faster speeds. 

However, if you have an older TV, then it won’t connect to the 5GHz band. In this case, you will need to connect your TV to the 2.4GHz network. To do this, you will have to choose the 2.4GHz band in network settings, enter the password for it, and wait for it to connect.



Change the DNS settings

Generally, TVs (as well as other devices that use the internet) have a DNS setting that allows them to choose a DNS address from your router automatically. However, if this setting has been tinkered with, then that might be keeping your TV from receiving an address from your router.

To check if the DNS settings are right, follow these steps – 

  • Go to the home screen
  • Click open the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Go to ‘Network’ and then continue to ‘Network Configuration’
  • Head over to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Open IP Settings
  • If the IP mode is set to ‘Manual,’ change it to DHCP
  • Confirm this change, and then restart the TV

Once you restart the TV, it should be able to connect to the WiFi.



Update TV’s firmware

If your Hisense TV’s software is not updated to the latest version, then it might be causing internet connection problems. Usually, if your TV is always connected to the WiFi, then the TV automatically updates the firmware. However, sometimes, the updates might not get installed, so you have to manually check and download them. 

To update your Hisense TV, follow these steps – 

  • Use a wired internet connection (like, an Ethernet cable)
  • Head over to the ‘Settings’ option from the main menu
  • Go to Device Preferences
  • Click open ‘About’ and then click on ‘System Update’

Your TV will now look for available updates, and you can install them. You can then try to connect your Hisense to WiFi and see if it works. 



Reset your Hisense TV

If nothing has worked so far and your WiFi router does not seem to be the culprit, then you can consider resetting your Hisense TV. 

Here’s a rundown of the general process – 

  • Open the home screen and head over to the Settings menu
  • Find and open ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Look for the ‘Factory Data Reset’ or ‘Reset’ option
  • You might be asked to enter a four-digit code to confirm the reset
  • Wait for the TV to complete the reset and restart
  • After the TV restarts, check if you can connect to WiFi

Now, the factory reset process will vary from one Hisense TV to another. For more in-depth information on this, you can check out our guide on How to reset your Hisense TV.



Get in touch with Hisense support

If nothing seems to be working and your router does not seem to be the issue, then you should contact Hisense customer support and get help from professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Hisense TV not picking up Wi-Fi?

Your Hisense TV might not be detecting your WiFi router for several reasons – 

  • Your TV is out of the WiFi range
  • Your internet is down
  • TV firmware is not updated to the latest version
  • Other issues

You can try restarting your TV, restarting your router, reconnecting your TV to WiFi, and even factory resetting your Hisense TV. You can refer to our guide above for more information. 

Can I connect my Hisense TV to 5GHz WiFi band?

Yes, if you have a newer Hisense TV, then you should be able to connect it to the 5GHz WiFi band. However, if you have an older model, then you’d be able to use the 2.4GHz band only.


To sum up, your Hisense TV not connecting to WiFi might not be a major problem. It can be easily solved by reconnecting the TV to your WiFi network, restarting your router, or resetting your Hisense TV. However, if the troubleshooting ideas do not seem to work, then you can get in touch with Hisense customer service. 

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