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Hisense TV remote not working – possible causes and how to fix

Last Updated on January 12, 2024
Possible causes for a not working Hisense TV remote.
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If your Hisense TV remote is not working and you’re looking for possible fixes, then we have you covered right here.

Now, the most common reason why a TV remote won’t work is because its batteries have run out. Luckily, this problem can be fixed quickly. However, if the battery does not seem to be the issue, then the remote might be damaged, or there’s an issue with the TV software. For this, we do have a few ways to troubleshoot these issues, which would hopefully help.

With that being said, we have listed and briefly explained how you can try and fix your Hisense TV remote that’s not working. 

Why Hisense TV remote is not working

There are quite a few reasons why your Hisense TV might not be working – 

  • Dead batteries
  • Corroded battery contacts
  • Obstacles between the TV and remote
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Problem with your Hisense TV
  • Physical damage to the remote

How to fix a Hisense TV remote that won’t work



Try replacing remote batteries

The most probable reason why your Hisense TV remote is not working properly is because of dead batteries. Thankfully, this is easily solvable – all you have to do is switch the batteries, and you should be good to go.



Clean the battery contacts

If you think your remote batteries are not the issue, then see if the battery contacts are the culprit. Sometimes, if the battery contacts are dirty or corroded, then they might interfere with the power supply. Try cleaning the contacts with a soft, lint-free cloth and then place the batteries back.



Disable RemoteNow feature

Another possible culprit might be the RemoteNow feature or any other accessibility feature that might interrupt the remote’s command. If you have any such feature activated, disable it, and see if the remote works.

Here’s how to do it – 

  • Head over to ‘Settings’ in the TV menu
  • Go to the ‘Accessibility’ option
  • Disable the ‘RemoteNow’ feature
  • Consider disabling other such features
  • See if the remote works as normal



Switch the transmission mode

Many Hisense TV remotes let you use multiple transmission modes, like Bluetooth and IR. If your remote is in a different mode than the TV, then the TV might not respond to the remote prompts. You can change the mode in the Settings menu > Remote and Accessories. You can then pair the TV remote via Bluetooth or disable it, depending on the situation.



Try power cycling the remote

You can also try power cycling your remote, just like you’d do a power cycle on any other electronic device. Power cycling drains all the existing power from the device and then restarts afresh.

Here’s how to do a power cycle the remote – 

  • Remove the batteries
  • Press and hold the power button for around 20 seconds
  • Put the batteries back into the remote
  • Check if the remote works



Update TV’s software

Another reason why your TV remote might not be working properly is because your TV’s software is not updated to the latest version. You can try updating the OS and then check if the remote works.

Here’s how to update the TV’s software – 

  • Switch your TV on and make sure it’s connected to the internet
  • Go to the Settings menu and select ‘Device Preferences’
  • Click on ‘About’ and then click on System Update
  • Your TV will now look for available updates
  • Click on ‘Update Now’ if there’s an update available
  • When the update installs and the TV restarts, check if the remote is working now

Please note that the general process for updating the TV software is more or less the same for most TVs. However, it will vary a little depending on the Hisense TV model you have. 



Try factory resetting the TV

If you think that your TV is the issue, then you can try to factory reset your TV. Now, factory resetting your TV will erase all the data from your device, so be mindful of this. You can find the Factory Reset option in the Settings menu. Once the factory reset is complete, you can check if the remote is working.



Get in touch with Hisense support

If your TV is new and your remote doesn’t seem to be working, then you should get in touch with customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Hisense TV without remote?

You can use your Hisense TV without a remote by using the RemoteNow app or a universal remote. 


To sum up, if your Hisense TV remote is not working properly – don’t panic. It is likely that the batteries are dead, and you just need to replace them. However, if batteries don’t seem to be the issue, then it is a software issue, or your remote is faulty. You can try the troubleshooting ideas mentioned above. If you think your TV might be the culprit, then you can check out our guide on Hisense TV won’t turn on – possible causes and how to fix.

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