Apple Vision Pro – can you preorder it?

Don't run to the shops just yet

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So you might have a question regarding the Apple Vision Pro – can you preorder it?

Apple’s new headset is set to launch early next year, going off their recent announcement. But fans around the world are wondering whether you can pre-order the device. Currently, there is no way to pre-order Apple Vision Pro. But we’re expecting it to emerge soon – pre orders will likely be exclusively available from the Apple store.

The Vision Pro promises a more refined mixed reality experience compared to other VR headsets, bringing you the latest in ‘spatial computing’. Features including ambient spatial audio and super-sensitive sensors and microphones enable accurate controls and display, whilst cameras integrate the mixed-reality headset into your surroundings. Compatibility with the Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and iPhone is also expected.

This digital crown runs off an M2 chip and boasts a whopping 23 million pixels across the eyepieces. It therefore promises high-quality streaming of movies and TV, next-level Facetime calls and use of Apple Arcade games, all seamlessly blended into your-real life surroundings. Tracking the movements of your eyes and hand gestures, the Apple Vision Pro headset lets you easily control the display and extent of digital enhancement of your environment.

How much will the Apple Vision Pro cost?

The Apple Vision Pro is set to cost around $3,499/£2,817. This is pretty expensive, but it’s what you’d expect for the cutting-edge technology usually delivered by the American brand.

Gloria’s Thoughts

So, there’s currently no release date for the Apple Vision Pro, and you cannot pre-order it just yet. But keep your eyes on the news section of this website for more updates. We’ll be bringing you the latest information as it hits the internet.

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