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Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro – what is the difference?

Discover which mixed-reality headset is best for you

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 30, 2024
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The upcoming release of Apple’s first-ever virtual reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, is fast approaching. Apple’s headset comes with an incredibly high-resolution display, a sleek ‘ski goggle’ design, and a high-quality camera system. We wanted to take a closer look at some of its main capabilities and compare it to other virtual reality experience products on the market; more specifically, the highly-acclaimed Meta Quest Pro. In this article, we compare the Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro; covering specs, performance, price, and design.

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Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro – specs and performance

SpecificationsApple Vision ProMeta Quest Pro
ProcessorM2 chip, R1 chipSnapdragon XR2+ Gen 1
Storage Space64GB256GB
Display resolution4K per eye1800×1920 pixels per eye
Refresh rate90Hz909 Hz
Display TypeMicro-OLEDQD-LCD
Weight 1.1 pounds1.6 pounds
LensesCustom catadioptric lenses and ZEISS Optical InsertsPancake
ControllersHand, eye, and face trackingTouch plus controllers

The new Apple Vision Pros runs off an M2 and the newly announced R1 chip. With this, you’ll be able to play 3D movies and games, as well as experience apps in your surrounding environment. You will also get 23 million pixels on each Vision Pro panel which exceeds most 4k TVs. So you’ll see every detail with incredibly sharp resolution. The Meta Quest Pro runs on a singular chipset using a Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 1. It uses 12GB of RAM, which is a large upgrade from its predecessor Meta Quest 2, using just 6GB. This makes the Meta Quest Pro able to handle absolutely anything with ease without any annoying lags or issues.

Apple Vision Pro uses sensors for hand/eye tracking and built-in microphones, so the headset is controlled by the user’s eyes/hand movement and voice. In comparison, the Meta Quest Pro uses touch-plus controllers. These are small and fit in your hand with comfort but definitely do not shape up to Apple’s hands-off approach.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro – design

Both devices have been designed with a focus on style and technology. The Quest Pro features a sleek and ultra-modern appearance, enhanced by its pitch-black color and rounded edges. It’s comfortable to use but one drawback of the Quest Pro’s design is its weight of 722g – which may cause a noticeable heaviness when worn.

The Apple Vision Pro features a futuristic design that some have likened to ski goggles, thanks to the visor design and light seals. The headset is thin, with a comfortable plush band on the back. The full device has a silvery color and a modest-sized external battery pack.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro – price

Now, let’s look at the price. Apple has confirmed that the Vision Pro will launch for $3,499 – which is far beyond the Meta Quest Pro which costs around $999 (£999). There’s a significant price difference so depending on your budget concerns this will definitely impact your purchase.

✓ Eve’s thoughts


The Apple Vision Pro is definitely a technical marvel but is it worth the extremely high price point? The Meta Quest Pro offers great features and design for a fraction of the price, so make sure to consider what you actually want from your headset and if the high price is worth it for your personal use.

Can Apple Vision Pro run iOS apps?

When opening your App Store on the Apple Vision Pro your iPhone/iPad/MacBook Pro apps will be published automatically. Most frameworks in iPad OS and iOS are included in VisionOS, meaning you’ll be able to use the apps you love from your other devices, on the Vision Pro.

How do I charge Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro comes with a USB-C charging cable and USB-C power adapter, which is used to charge the headset. The battery life of the Apple Vision Pro is quite impressive. It can run for two hours on a single charge before the charger needs to be plugged into the external battery pack – even then you can still use the headset while it’s charging.


As you would expect, the Apple Vision Pro is a much more capable and advanced VR headset. You’re getting the creme de la creme of mixed-reality technology here. The Meta Quest Pro appears to cater to those hoping to utilize VR for professional and productivity-related tasks, and its significantly lower cost makes it more accessible for technology enthusiasts. So, if you’re in the market for a new virtual reality headset then make sure to consider what sort of product would best suit you; taking into account budget and purpose.

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