Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: What is the difference?

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With Apple’s recent tech launch it’s about time we compared the Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro.

Apple’s first-ever VR headset has officially been announced. The Apple Vision Pro comes with an incredibly high-resolution display and a sleek ‘ski goggle’ design.

Considering there are other top-quality VR headsets out right now, our experts are keen to see how it shapes up against Meta’s Quest Pro.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: Specs and Performance

The new Apple Vision Pros runs off an M2 and the newly announced R1 chipset. With this you’ll be able to play 3D movies and games, as well as experience apps in your own surrounding enviroment. You will also get 23 million pixels on each Vision Pro panel which actually exceeds most 4k TVs. So you’ll see every detail with incredibly sharp resolution.

With the Apple Vision Pro you can control the headset using your voice, eyes and minor movements from your hands. In comparison, the Meta Quest Pro does need controllers to work. These are small and fit quite naturally in your hand but definitely do not shape up to Apple’s hands-off approach.

The Meta Quest Pro runs on a singular chipset using a Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 1. Its 12GB of RAM makes it able handle absoluting anything with ease without any annoying lags or issues.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: Design

Both devices have been designed with a focus on style and technology. The Quest Pro features a sleek and ultra-modern appearance, enhanced by its pitch black color and rounded edges. It’s comfortable to use but one drawback of the Quest Pro’s design is its weight of 722g – which may cause a noticeable heaviness when worn.

The Apple Vision Pro features a futuristic design which some have likened to ski goggles. The headset is thin, with a comfortable plush band on the back. The full device has a silvery color and modest-sized battery pack at the bottom which supplies two hours of usage.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: Price

Now, let’s look at the price. Apple has confirmed that the Vision Pro will launch for $3,499 – which is far beyond the Meta Quest Pro which costs around $999 (£999).

PC Guide Expert View

As you would expect, the Apple Vision Pro is a much more capable and advanced VR headset. You’re really getting the creme de la creme of mixed-reality technology here. The Meta Quest Pro appears to cater to those hoping to utilize VR for professional and productivity-related tasks, and its significantly lower cost makes it more accessible for technology enthusiasts.