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Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it?

At well over $1,000, the Meta Quest Pro would be a steep entry point into VR for any individual, making its worth a still-unanswered question
Last Updated on October 25, 2022
Is the Meta Quest Pro worth it?
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The Meta Quest Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best VR headsets developed in recent years. The incredible power and resolution within the goggles give their name real weight. But at such a high premium, with an asking price of $1,500, many still wonder if the Meta Quest Pro is worth it.

One must keep in mind, however, the Meta Quest Pro is built for gaming, despite being marketed as a professional metaverse environment, wherein users can attend meetings, scroll through emails, and multitask. The device’s limited battery capability makes that dream thus far unrealized in its fullest potential.

That being said, though, the Meta Quest Pro has a powerful set of specs that will immerse the player in any select game. As long as one sees this as a gaming device, much akin to a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, the investment will be worth it and you’ll have one of the most amazing VR gaming experiences to boot.

How much does the Quest Pro cost?

The Meta Quest Pro will be launched on October 25th and is being sold at $1,499. It includes the Meta Quest Pro headset, a set of two Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers, a Charging dock, a 45W USB-C power adapter, two stylus clips, two partial light blockers, and all necessary cables for the devices to be charged.

The price is almost three times higher than the previous Quest 2. However, the performance upgrades are also a major leap. Meta has stated that the Quest Pro’s next-gen optics have slimmed down the optical stack by over 40% compared to the previous device.

It uses a “pancake lens optics technology,” which folds the light inside the optical module to give a smoother view. It also features an advanced VR LCD display that delivers 37% greater pixel per inch and a “1.3x larger color gamut that provides more vibrant colors to deliver a more engaging VR experience.”

Will Project Cambria be used for gaming?

Project Cambria is the codename for the new Meta Quest Pro. It’s being marketed as a mixed-reality device for the future of computing. Meta claims this “represents an important step toward that future,” a future wherein a whole new aspect of life happens within the metaverse. That is yet to be seen; for now, we are sure the Meta Quest Pro is an amazing device for gaming.

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