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Is the Meta Quest 2 still good for gaming?

The Meta Quest 2 is a beast for VR purposes, but is gaming really all that on the device or just overrated
Last Updated on April 28, 2023
Is the Meta Quest 2 still good for gaming?
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With the release of the Meta Quest Pro and its incredible swell in price, one question remains: is the Meta Quest 2 still good for gaming? Even though it may be in genuine doubt, the Meta Quest 2 is a terrific gaming device.

The Quest 2 compiles power, speed, and comfort into one singular untethered headset with two accompanying joysticks, giving the user one of the best VR gaming experiences at an amazing price.

One of the best facets behind the Quest 2 is its comfortability. The Meta Quest 2 is a standalone device, which means you can just put it on and enjoy a great variety of video games and simulators without the need for a PC or pesky cables hanging about.

What games can you play on Meta Quest 2?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform gives the Quest 2 a ton of power to handle incredible games. If you’re wondering if the Quest 2 got game, here’s a list of the best titles you can currently experience on the platform:

  1. Resident Evil 4 VR
  2. I expect you to die
  3. Lucky’s Tale
  4. Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
  5. Unplugged
  6. Supershot VR
  7. Arizona Sunshine
  8. Pistol Whip
  9. Little cities
  10. Jurassic World Aftermath

Is a Meta Quest 2 worth it?

The Meta Quest 2 advantage is its price. At less than $400, the Quest 2 offers the widest and most immersive VR gaming experience of that generation at about the same cost as a Steam Deck. If you’re new to the VR gaming world or are looking for a standalone VR device that’s cable-free and easy to manage, this should be your primary option.

Furthermore, the Meta Quest is not only a standalone device (although that is what they do best) you can buy the official Oculus Link cable and plug it into your computer to play even more demanding video games with it. This will allow you to see just how powerful and fast the Quest 2 feels.

Even with the release of the over $1,000 Meta Quest Pro, you should consider the Quest 2 to be a somewhat better option overall, especially if we take into account the fact that each device is aimed at completely different markets.

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