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How to create an avatar in the Apple Vision Pro – an easy step-by-step guide

How to create your avatar with ease
Last Updated on March 11, 2024
How to create an avatar in the Apple Vision Pro, showcased with a virtual reality headset on a gradient purple and pink background. Image shows the Vision Pro on a pink background below the PC guide logo
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While the Apple Vision Pro offers a unique way to interact with the digital world through augmented reality, it also allows for personalized representation within this new space. Enter the Persona, a dynamic avatar that captures your facial expressions and hand movements, enhancing your interactions in video calls and other applications. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of how to create an avatar in the Apple Vision Pro, covering the inital setup, the Persona creation process, and how you can utilize you Persona effectively.

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How to create an avatar in the Apple Vision Pro

Initial setup

The process of creating your Persona can be initiated during the initial setup of your Vision Pro or accessed later through the device’s settings. To access the Persona creation menu follow the step below



Open settings app

Navigate to the settings app on your vision pro. Either press the Digital Crown to enter the home view and select the settings app, or tap on the tab bar on the left and select Apps>Settings.



Select Persona

Once in the settings app scroll to the Persona option and select it.



Select Get Started

Tap on the Get Started option.

The Persona creation process

The Vision Pro will guide you through a series of on-screen instructions during the Persona capture process. These steps typically involve:



Neutral facial expression

Maintain a neutral facial expression while the Persona Virtual camera scans your face. This is to capture a natural representation of your face.



Head movements

Perform a series of head movements and expressions as instructed to ensure a comprehensive capture. The persona will ask you to make expressions like creating a big smile with you mouth closed or teeth showing, and then ask you to raise your eyebrows so it can understand the full contour of your face.



Hand setup

Follow hand movement prompts to create a digital representation of your hands gestures.

Remember, relaxing throughout the capture process allows the Vision Pro to collect accurate data, resulting in a more lifelike Persona.

Unveiling your digital self – utilizing your Persona

With your Persona created, you can now leverage it in various ways:

Video calls: During FaceTime or other video conferencing applications, your Persona replaces your real-time video feed, offering a unique and personalized way to connect with others.

AR experiences: Certain augmented reality applications might utilize your Persona for immersive interactions, making you feel like a participant within the digital environment.

What is the best environment to capture your Persona?

The more optimal your physical space during Persona capturing your features the better your avatar will turn out. For an optimal Persona capture, ensure you’re situated in a well-lit environment with neutral, uncluttered surroundings. Avoid areas with harsh shadows or distracting backgrounds as they can affect the quality of the final image.


The Persona feature on the Apple Vision Pro unlocks a new layer of personalization and expression within the augmented reality world. By creating your own unique avatar, you can add a touch of personality to your interactions and feel more immersed in the digital experiences offered by the Vision Pro.

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