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How to turn off an Apple Vision Pro – explained

Last Updated on March 1, 2024
How to turn off an Apple Vision Pro - explained. Image shows a red power button beneath the Vision Pro headset on a blue gradient background.
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The tech world was unprecedently excited to put on the Apple Vision Pro and try out mixed reality for themselves, but what’s the simple process of shutting down the headset about? Here’s how to turn off an Apple Vision Pro in a few simple steps. As a spatial computer in its own right, shutting down the Vision Pro after use is important to give the hardware time to reset and perform at its best.

So, like any computer, there may be times when you need to power down your Vision Pro. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few different methods to turn off your Apple Vision Pro headset properly, which can help you save battery life and optimize system performance.

How to turn off the Vision Pro using the Digital Crown

The Apple Vision Pro features a Digital Crown, similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. To turn off your headset using the Digital Crown, follow these steps:



Find the digital crown

The Digital Crown is located on the top right hand side of your headset. Tapping this button will bring up your app library, so go ahead and tap to open this screen up.



Hold down the Digital Crown

Press and hold down the Digital Crown to reveal a slider.



Drag the slider to the right to power down

Finally, you’ll need to drag this slider to the right to power off the device. To do this, stare at the slider’s circle, perform a pinch gesture, and pull the slider over to the right to enact the power down.

How to turn off the Vision Pro using the Settings app

If you prefer a more traditional method of powering off your Vision Pro, you can utilize the Settings app. Here’s how you can do it:



Find Digital Crown again

Tap the Digital Crown on your Apple Vision Pro in order to bring the app library back up.



Locate the Settings app

Next, you need to locate and open the Settings app in your Vision Pro. It should be found in the top right hand corner of your App Library. To open Settings, stare at the Settings icon and perform the pinch gesture to select. Within this app, navigate to the General tab.



Shut down your Apple Vision Pro

When in General, look for a Shut Down option and select it. A slider will appear, allowing you to power off your Vision Pro. Slide to power off by pinching and pulling the icon to the right to turn off your headset. Now, remove your Vision Pro and make sure to put the device down on a secure surface.

Other ways to turn off the Apple Vision Pro

While you can opt to turn off your Vision Pro using the two methods above, there are a couple of other ways to get the VR headset to shut down, including doing a force restart, removing the external battery pack, and simply asking Siri.

  • To do a Force Restart, press down and hold the Digital Crown and the top button simultaneously. Ignore the Force Quit Applications window and power slider, holding continuously until the screen goes completely black.
  • Another option is by speaking the command “Hey Siri, shut down my Apple Vision Pro.”
  • Finally, if you’re in a hitch and need to turn your headset off quickly, then your best bet is to disconnect the battery power cable from the Audio Strap. To do this, gently twist the power cord anti-clockwise until it unlocks and pull it off.

How do I put my Apple Vision Pro to sleep?

If you prefer to leave your Vision Pro in sleep mode rather than powering it off completely, you have that option too. Apple recommends using sleep mode when you take a break from using your headset. To put your Vision Pro in battery-saving sleep mode, you just have to take off the headset without shutting it down or removing the battery. After 24 hours of inactivity, your Vision Pro will automatically power down to save battery life. 

To wake it up from sleep mode, simply press the top button on your headset, and the Apple logo will appear on the front display, indicating that it’s powered on.

Is there a sleep button on the Apple Vision Pro?

No, there’s no official sleep button on the Vision Pro; the device only has the Digital Crown and the top button. To put your Vision Pro to sleep, you just need to take it off without powering down or removing the battery pack, as mentioned above.

Can you turn Vision Pro remotely using an iPhone?

No, unfortunately, there is currently no remote power-off feature available for the Vision Pro using an iPhone or any other Apple device.

Can I power off my Vision Pro by covering the screens?

As convenient as it would be, covering the screens of your Vision Pro will not power off the headset. It’s best to use the Digital Crown, or the Settings app for a proper power-off process.

Final thoughts

Powering off your Apple Vision Pro is a straightforward process, and there are several methods available to ensure a seamless experience. Whether you prefer using the Digital Crown or the Settings app, you can easily turn off your headset with just a few steps. Remember, consider battery life and charging habits in order to maximize your usage time with your Vision Pro and enjoy longer sessions of entertainment.

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