How to get from one window to another in the Apple Vision Pro – everything you need to know

Three simple methods

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The Apple Vision Pro, with its immersive augmented reality experience, excels at placing multiple applications within your visual field. However, navigating between these windows to maintain focus or access different tools can feel unfamiliar initially. Learning all the Vision Pro’s vast functions seems like a daunting task. This is why, in this article, we explore the various methods of how to get from one window to another in the Apple Vision Pro, empowering you to multitask with ease.

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How to get from one window to another in the Apple Vision Pro – 3 simple methods


Utilizing gaze tracking – a natural approach

The Vision Pro leverages its advanced eye-tracking technology to allow for intuitive window switching.

This natural, hands-free approach aligns with the Vision Pro’s core design philosophy, minimizing the need for physical interaction and maximizing comfort.



Look at chosen window

Simply look directly at the desired window for a brief moment, and it will automatically come into focus, replacing the one you were previously viewing.


Leveraging hand gestures – a precise option

For tasks requiring more deliberate control or when working with smaller windows, hand gestures offer an alternative method.



Raise hand

Raise and extend your hand towards the Vision Pro.



Select desired window

Point directly at the desired window to select it.

This action brings the selected window into focus, smoothly transitioning between your current view and the chosen one.

To ensure accurate gesture recognition, make sure your hand is within the designated field of view and maintain a slight distance from your face.


Employing voice commands – a convenient choice

This method utilizes the Vision Pro’s integration with Siri, Apple’s intelligent voice assistant.



Vocalise command

By simply saying “Hey Siri, switch to [name of the app],” you can effortlessly transition to the desired window.

This method proves particularly useful when you’re juggling multiple tasks and your hands are occupied, or when precise pointing might be challenging due to the size or location of the window.

How do I close an app on Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro’s ability to close apps and save the tab for later use is a handy feature that all Vision Pro users should know to make their experience easier. Say you’re using Google but would like to start browsing on YouTube without losing your previous tab, the Vision Pro can close and remember the data with ease. All you have to do is tap on the ‘X” below the app by pinching your thumb and index finger together or you can simply look at the app and use Siri by saying “Siri, close this”.

How to get back to the home screen on the Vision Pro?

Getting back to the Home screen on your Vision Pro is another simple function that is worthwhile to learn. The most common method to do this is by simply pressing on the Digital Crown (found on the top of the headset), which will then open home view. If you’d like to read up on some of the other methods to complete this function, check out our how to get to the home screen on the Vision Pro guide, where we look into methods that utilize the control center.


With the various methods outlined above, switching between windows on your Vision Pro becomes a smooth and intuitive experience. Whether you prefer the natural approach of gaze tracking, the precise control of hand gestures, or the convenience of voice commands, the Vision Pro adapts to your preferences, empowering you to seamlessly navigate your augmented reality workspace and maximize your productivity.

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