How to zoom in and out on the Vision Pro – everything you need to know

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The recent release of the Apple Vision Pro headset has taken the world of virtual reality by storm. This cutting-edge device provides a unique and immersive experience, that offers an authentic spatial representation of a user’s physical space. There are a number of impressive features on this device, and fully understanding all of its functions is no mean feat. This is why, in this article, we present our simple step-by-step guide on how to zoom in and out on the Vision Pro, allowing you to master one of the many capabilities of this product and explore content with ease.

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Zooming in and out on the Vision Pro

Now, let’s explore how to zoom in and out on the Vision Pro. The zoom feature allows you to magnify content, making it easier to see details or read small text. Here’s how you can do it:



Locate zoom content

Look at the content you want to zoom in on, such as an app icon or a button.



Select content

Bring your index finger and thumb together in a pinching motion to select the content.



Zoom in

Once the content is selected, you can start zooming in by spreading your fingers apart. This will magnify the content and make it larger.



Zoom out

To zoom out, simply reverse the gesture by bringing your fingers back together. This will decrease the magnification and return the content to its original size.

It’s important to note that the zoom feature on the Vision Pro is not limited to static content. You can also zoom in and out while browsing websites, viewing photos, or watching videos. This allows you to have a more immersive spatial zoom experience and enjoy content in greater detail.

Other Apple Vision Pro gestures

The Vision Pro offers various other hand and eye gestures that allow you to interact with the device seamlessly. Here are some of the fundamental gestures you need to know:

  • Tap gesture
  • Touch gesture
  • Pinch and hold gesture
  • Pinch and drag gesture
  • Swipe gesture

How do I recenter the Vision Pro?

After you’ve gotten to grips with the more basic functions of the Vision Pro, like zooming in and out, it’s important to understand how to recenter your setup. This is where the use of the Digital Crown comes in. In order to recenter your device all you have to do is press hold down the Digital crown button, located on the upper-right of the headset, and the Vision Pro should be returned to its original settings.

How do I use the tap gesture on the Vision Pro?

Learning how to use the tap gesture on the Vision Pro is an important step in the process of understanding how to effectively use your device. This gesture is a useful tool that allows you to select options and open apps. To use this feature look at the content you’d like to select then tap your index finger and thumb to select it, the Vision Pro tracks your hand movements so is able to know when you’re tapping in the context of an environment.

How do I swipe on the Vision Pro?

Using the swipe feature on your Vision Pro is an easy way to scroll and browse through content. In order to do this all you have to do is pinch your index finger and thumb together and quickly flick your wrist.


Zooming in and out on the Vision Pro allows you to explore content with ease and enjoy a more immersive experience. Also, by utilizing the various gestures and customizing your zoom settings, you can tailor the zoom feature to suit your preferences. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided an easy step-by-step process to zoom in and out on the Vision Pro with ease.

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