Where to buy Apple Vision Pro – Expected Retailers

Predicted retailers for Apple's newest mixed-reality headset

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Wondering where to buy Apple Vision Pro? Well, we have compiled a list of expected retailers that we predict will carry Apple’s upcoming VR headset.

Apple has finally announced the Apple Vision Pro – the tech giant’s latest mixed-reality headset. According to the CEO, Tim Cook this new device is “years ahead and unlike anything created before.” Often likened to ski goggles this top-notch piece of tech will come with 100 supported game titles and Disney Plus integration.

Currently, there are plans to release this headset in early 2024. So until then, here is a list of potential retailers that we expect will stock the Apple Vision Pro.

Where to buy Apple Vision Pro – US

The Apple Vision Pro will be available in the US at the beginning of next year. Of course, you will be able to bag yourself this shiny-new headset from Apple’s online and in-person stores across the country. So, if you’re interested in being one of the first with the device head over to their site and sign up to the mailing list.

Best Buy and Amazon have a history of stocking the latest Apple products too. So there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pick up the Apple Vision Pro from them next year.

Where to buy Apple Vision Pro – UK

When the Apple Vision Pro officially launches in the UK we expect Currys to stock the headset alongside Apple.

How much will Apple Vision Pro cost?

The Apple Vision Pro doesn’t come cheap. This mixed-reality headset starts at $3,499 in the US and will be available next year from Apple’s online store and in-person locations across the US.

How much is Apple Vision Pro UK?

Apple has not officially announced how much the Apple Vision Pro will cost in the UK. If they directly convert the price, we would expect the mixed-reality headset to come in at around £2,849.

PC Guide Expert View

Apple has officially entered into the mixed-reality world with a pretty high-quality piece of tech. What is quite shocking, however, is the Vision Pro’s hefty price tag. It will be interesting to see how the Vision Pro fares in real-world scenarios, especially when comparing it to competitor products like the Meta Quest Pro, which boasts a comparable experience and is priced at $999.