How Does EVO VR Work

An information piece about how EVO Functions.

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Virtual reality headsets like EVO are an amazing piece of modern technology and as most tech companies now know how to make these magically immersive machines, it means that budget versions of VR headsets are available to the masses!

EVO has one of the most basic versions of a VR headset, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad or that it is boring. In fact, these kinds of games are some of the most popular available at the moment!

I’m going to explain just how the EVO VR headset actually works, how to play their games, and how to use the headset in general. It’s not as complicated as you might think!

How does EVO VR work?

EVO uses the basic idea of the stereoscope. The stereoscope is a device that has two mirrors placed at 45 degree angles from the viewer’s eyes. Each mirror then shows a version of the same image but focusing on different sides of it. If you looked at one mirror at a time it would seem like you are looking at oddly placed images, but if you looked at both mirrors at the same time your brain mixes the images together, creating a three dimensional picture.

Of course, EVO does not use mirrors, but it does use the same idea. The phone headset technology creates multiple images of the same virtual landscape, so you can move your head in the games and see the world as if it was right in front of you.

The eye lenses are their real power in the EVO VR headset. Each eye has its own screen or lense, and even though it uses your phone to display the imagery, the lenses are distorted to make the 3D imagery. If you were to download a VR game and not use a headset, you’d just be looking at a split-screen of the same game.

EVO also uses head tracking in its boxy interior, as well as from your phone. It does this so it can figure out where your head is moving to match the imagery correctly.

All of these pieces of technology come together to create the interactive three dimensional imagery that EVO wants you to experience.

So now you know how it works, you need to learn how to use the headset.

How to use an EVO VR Headset?

All you need to do is download a VR game store like google cardboard or youtube. There are lots out there so take your pick. Once you’ve downloaded the store you can browse the libraries until you find a game that you like.

It doesn’t matter if you pick an EVO game or not, because EVO is just the vehicle for the virtual reality game it doesn’t affect the game itself.

Inside the game, you’ll be able to navigate the settings and choices through your phone. Once everything is set up, you can slide your phone into the front compartment of the EVO headset. It will have a cushion to protect the back of your phone from being scratched and a magnet at the top of the headset to keep your phone in place. Make sure the phone’s screen is facing the inside of the headset, otherwise you won’t be able to see the game.

Once your phone is snuggly set up, you can put on the headset. Pull the material straps to make it fit your head. Give your head a little shake to make sure it stays on during your game. If it slips, re-adjust it.

Now to make sure your image is clear. You might notice that there are two levels on the top of the head set. You can move these levers left and right. Fiddle around with the different levers to see what is more or less helpful to you.

Once you’ve done that you can adjust how far away the phone is to the lenses. Use the toggles on the side to move each section. Normally the further away the phone is, the better the clarity, but judge the distance yourself so you can have the best experience.

And now it’s all set up, all you need to do is play the game you’ve chosen!

How to play games on EVO VR?

Each game is different so you should follow the instructions in the game itself. However, the EVO VR does come with a controller which fits most games’ needs. Just like most 2D consoles, the controller has a joystick, two shooter buttons, and an A, B, C, D button.

This means you can play shooter games, racing games, simple exploration games, or more complicated NPC investigation games.

Most of the time you’ll be playing with the controller and viewing through the headset, but sometimes a game might want you to look in a certain direction to win a point or kill a bad guy. Those types of games really utilize the movability of your headset. However as the EVO VR is a budget headset, it might not work very well.

EVO VR doesn’t have some of the more accurate movement technology that the more expensive headsets have to offer, so I would suggest keeping to games that need a controller to play.


There you have it, everything you need to know about the EVO VR headset. The set up is simple, and once you get the hang of it, the process will become second nature to you.