How Much is Windows 11?

Want to upgrade to Windows 11? How much will it cost and can you get it for free?

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The excitement around the Windows 11 launch isn’t seeing much downtime now and with the launch of the first Windows 11 beta version already hitting PCs, more and more people can try out the future of Microsoft’s new operating system. But how much is Windows 11 going to be?

Well at this early stage Microsoft has not set out its pricing strategy, but if you are a Windows 10 use then, in most cases, you are going to be eligible for a free upgrade, at least in the short term.

Something else we do know however is that Windows 11 will first arrive on new laptops and desktop PCs before finally coming out as a free upgrade to Windows 10 owners in early 2022.

Windows 11 features

Microsoft has been working hard on making Windows 11 look more modern and streamlined than Windows 10 and that doesn’t just mean rounded corners!

Quality of life improvements are also abound, Microsoft promises that updates will be 40% smaller and this will also be the most secure version of Windows to date, which will prove massively important going forward over the next few years.

What we expect to see from Windows 11

  • That sleek new design with a brand new taskbar and better File Explorer (finally!) plus shiny new themes and sounds.
  • Desktop widgets (which is something Microsoft has been trying to get right for a good while now. This will let you personalize your desktop like never before.
  • Better multi-tasking with easy snapping of groups, layers, windows, and a whole host of improvements as to how we move our windows around.
  • A new Windows Store
  • Wi-Fi 6 support baked in.

How much is Windows 11?

Windows 11 will be a free update for everyone currently on an authorized version of Windows 10. There are a few caveats if you are on an installation of Windows 10 S Pro as there will be no Windows 11 S Pro so you will have to switch to normal Windows 10 Pro before upgrading, but other than that you should just be informed when you can upgrade – in much the same easy we expect as you did of you upgraded from Windows 7 or 8  to Windows 10 a couple of years ago.

How much is Windows 11 Home vs Pro?

Microsoft hasn’t released prices for individual versions of Windows 11 at this stage but obviously, the Pro version will be the more expensive option.

We can perhaps get an indication of the kind of difference to expect by looking at the prices when Windows 10 launched. Windows 10 Home cost between $100-$120 whereas the Pro version was coming in around the $199 mark, depending on the retailer.

That said, if you are buying a new PC it is going to come with a copy of Windows 11, or you will probably be upgrading, so the reasons to buy a copy from scratch will be limited to certain cases, such as building a second PC yourself for your house.

Final Word

So there you have it. No price data as yet but as soon as it is announced we will update this page. Microsoft has promised the free update will be available for at least one calendar year from launch so there will be time to let any early issues get sorted before you decide to take the plunge. Support for Windows 10 will be around until October 2025 too so take your time.