What is Magic School AI?

This AI tool redefines the teaching experience.

Magic School AI - The generative AI education platform.

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Artificial intelligence is making impressive strides in the education sector. Magic School AI is an AI-powered education platform that aims to make teaching jobs that little bit easier. In the AI world, Magic School AI emerged as one of the popular AI tools that redefine the teaching experience. Let’s delve into Magic School AI features and find out how can teachers harness the capabilities of this powerful AI tool. Would you let generative AI write your next lesson plan?

What is Magic School AI?

Magic School AI promises to help educators save time, by automating the task of lesson planning. The powerful tool is already seeing use in real classrooms, with powerful grading functionality, and adaptive feedback for individual learning needs. It also offers educators AI-powered tools to proofread and summarize text using generative AI, similar to ChatGPT.

A subscription to the premium version, coming in late October, is set to bring new features in the coming months. Currently, the service is free, offering artificial intelligence insights into how your students learn, and saving you valuable time.

The service is highly adaptable, assessing writing issues and grammatical errors for various proficiency levels. While currently optimized for high school-level education, this scope can be expanded in the future. An AI can be trained with new relevant information on a range of different subjects. This therefore allows for continuous improvement in both student and teacher performance. Paired with student data, this educational tool can provide meaningful guidance for the specific needs and preferred format of any individual learner.

It could just prove a game changer in the accuracy of differentiation for students’ and educators’ individual needs.

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It’s also common practice in the US to evaluate student performance using rubrics. These are “a scoring guide used to evaluate the quality of students’ constructed responses”. Magic School AI can generate these rubrics, assess student writing skills, and form an engaging lesson plan based on that student’s unique learning style.

“Fight burnout and join thousands of teachers saving hours of time using Magic School to help lesson plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPS, communicate clearly, and more.”

Magic School AI

The role of AI in education – Will AI replace teachers?

The task of issuing that education will, of course, still be handled by a human teacher. It’s a pressing debate in and of itself whether an educators job should be taken by a robot. Thankfully, the response is a resounding no, at least for the time being; We shouldn’t underestimate how easy it is for things to become normalized.

“This philosophy is, and always will be, foundational to how we design our tools. Teachers are the experts, and the best teaching happens as an exchange between people. That’s why our tools help free up time and energy for teachers to work directly with students and families. Magic School AI can save a teacher up to 10 hours per week. That’s time teachers can use to build trust with a hard-to-reach student, meet with a family to help them understand financial aid, differentiate a lesson for diverse learners, and more.”

Magic School AI

Magic School AI has the potential to be a transformative platform in a turbulent teaching landscape. The potential of AI in education programs, and specifically the teaching experience, is reaching levels previously the remit of science fiction. In fact, thanks to the NLP (natural language processing) capabilities of an LLM (large language model), robots can make effective teaching assistants, complete with conversation, memories, a user-friendly interface, and personal connection.

Does artificial intelligence have the potential to improve human intelligence? The answer, miraculously, seems to be yes.

Is Magic School AI free?

Yes, Magic School AI will have both a free version and a paid subscription plan.

Magic School Founder & CEO Adeel Khan says that the premium version will be available in late October for “about $10 a month”.

How to use the AI lesson plan generator?

The AI lesson plan generation platform is designed primarily for one respectable goal – to reduce burnout in the education sector. It aims to do this by allowing teachers to focus on the human element of education, and less on the automatable and administrative aspects of the job.

Educators can use Magic School AI to practice SATs, grade students’ assignments, and guide students’ academic growth with insightful feedback from generative AI. Teachers can then exchange insights and necessary information via Facebook and Twitter to compare, establish best practices, and support each other in writing engaging lessons.

Using text-based input prompts, teachers can harness the power of artificial intelligence with a full suite of features that accelerate essential teaching tasks. Users may recognize the text prompt paradigm from OpenAI’s ChatGPT – the most popular service of its kind.

According to the official website, “more than four in ten K-12 teachers in the U.S. (44%) say they “always” or “very often” feel burnt out at work – outpacing all other industries nationally.” To help combat this trend, “MagicSchool helps teachers do the wide range of tasks placed on the shoulders of teachers 10x faster” – a bold but exciting claim.

AI lesson planning software

  • “Use MagicSchool’s rubric generator tool to generate a perfectly formatted rubric customized to the assignment you’ve created in seconds to use with your students.”
  • “Use MagicSchool’s Informational Text Generator tool to generate a custom text based on the specific topic of your choice in seconds to use with your students.”

AI-generated IEP (Individualized Education Program)

  • “Use MagicSchool’s IEP Generator to create a first draft of your IEP based on your unique knowledge of the students’ needs – saving hours of time writing IEPs 10x faster.”

AI text differentiation for varied reading comprehension

  • “Use MagicSchool’s Text Leveler tool to take any text and level it down for students who are behind to support them to read on their level alongside grade level peers.”
  • “Use the Text Scaffolder tool to automatically define keywords for pre-teaching and write questions for students to make meaning of the text as a first read before the lesson so they are supported access the grade level text.”

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