Best keyboards for Android – options for typing, grammar, usability

Top 5 best keyboards for Android: A quick overview

Best keyboards for Android

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Your Android device is more than just a phone; it’s a versatile tool that fits snugly in your pocket. One of the most crucial elements that dictate your interaction with this handy device is the keyboard. While the default keyboard app, often Gboard, suffices for many, some of us crave more—more features, more customization, and more control. That’s why we’ve scoured the Google Play Store to bring you a comprehensive list of the best keyboards for Android.

From keyboard layouts that cater to thumb typing to third-party keyboard apps with advanced word predictions, we’ve considered it all. Whether you’re a fan of swipe-typing or you’re looking for a simple keyboard with a one-handed mode, we’ve got you covered. Our guide dives deep into the nuances of Android keyboard apps, examining gesture-typing, glide typing, and even how these apps adapt to your unique typing habits.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your typing experience on Android, read on. We’ve tested and vetted multiple options to bring you nothing but the best Android keyboard apps available today.

Gboard (Google Keyboard)

The first reliable keyboard for Android that comes to mind is the Gboard or Google keyboard. Designed and developed by Google LLC, Gboard has everything you need from a keyboard. It includes the following features:

  • Guide typing: Slide your fingers from one letter to another for faster typing.
  • Voice typing: Get a hands-free experience thanks to voice typing. Simply speak and let Gboard do the typing.
  • Handwriting: Write in cursive and printed letters, besides standard typing.
  • Emoji and GIF search: Search your favorite emojis and GIFs on the go.
  • Multilingual typing: Gboard automatically autocorrects and suggests words based on the languages you have enabled on your Android device.
  • Google Translate-enabled: Google Translate will auto-translate the text you type.

The best thing about Gboard is that it lets you enjoy all the features for free. There is no paywall to use any premium feature.

Download Gboard

Microsoft SwiftKey

With SwiftKey, you’ll type faster and with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to its AI-powered predictive text and autocorrect features. This keyboard adapts to your unique style, recognizing slang, nicknames, and even your favorite emojis.

Express yourself effortlessly with a vast library of emojis, GIFs, and stickers. Choose from 100+ vibrant keyboard themes or create your own, with your photo as the backdrop. SwiftKey supports up to five and over 700 languages simultaneously, making it a global companion.

Microsoft SwiftKey used to be at the pinnacle of the best keyboards for Android; however, it has recently shifted a little below Gboard. But it still has a dedicated following.

Also, if you have built a personal dictionary using Microsoft SwiftKey, it can be challenging to switch to any other keyboard.

Download Microsoft SwiftKey

1C Big Keyboard

1C Big Keyboard is a unique keyboard designed to focus on accessibility and ease of use, especially for individuals with impaired vision and senior citizens. This keyboard takes a bold approach by embracing a larger, user-friendly font size that ensures readability even for those with failing eyesight.

By default, the 1C Big Keyboard takes up most of your screen. But if that’s not enough, you can also allow it to use your phone’s entire screen as a keyboard. This is beneficial when you want to ensure precision and accuracy.

1C Big Keyboard doesn’t stop at mere functionality. It also offers a range of customization options. Users can tailor the keyboard to their preferences, adjusting key size, font style, and color themes to create a personalized and visually appealing typing experience.

Download 1C Big Keyboard


If you want a keyboard to help you with grammatical errors, Grammarly should be your only choice. It is an indispensable writing companion for crafting flawless messages across all your apps. Whether you’re dashing off emails on the fly, refining a critical LinkedIn update, sending a quick text, or crafting a tweet, Grammarly’s writing assistant and grammar checker empower you to spell-check, edit, and perfect your content on the go.

You can also tailor Grammarly to your preferences with dialect settings, dark and light themes, and a personal dictionary. The only problem here is that if you want to access Grammarly’s premium features, you must pay a subscription fee that can cost between $29.99 – $139.99 for in-app purchases.

These premium features include:

  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Clarity improvements
  • Tone adjustments
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency

Download Grammarly Keyboard


Fleksy is another popular keyboard for Android phones with all the essential features. It allows swipe and gesture controls. You can swipe left to delete a word or swipe right to add space. You can also choose from various layout options, ranging from QWERTY and AZERTY to DVORAK and QWERTZ.

Additionally, it boasts an all-in-one emoji keyboard, millions of free themes, GIFs, stickers, and award-winning autocorrection. With Fleksy, your typing experience reaches new heights of convenience and creativity.

Fleksy also has over 100 million GIFs and stickers it recommends as you type. These GIFs and stickers are sourced from Giphy to add a touch of emotion to your texts. You also don’t have to worry much about your language when typing, as this best keyboard for Android supports over 80 languages.

Download Fleksy


AnySoftKeyboard is an open-source, on-screen keyboard for Android users who demand versatility, privacy, and customization. Support for multiple languages via external packages and robust completion dictionaries ensures seamless communication in any tongue. What sets it apart is its unique ability to auto-complete not just words, but also your contacts’ names. It learns your habits as you type, offering predictive text that feels like second nature.

But that’s not all. With AnySoftKeyboard, you experience multitouch functionality, extension keyboards for effortless navigation, and even voice input for Android 2.2+. AnySoftKeyboard offers night mode, power-saving mode, and gesture support. Additionally, you can customize your experience with themes and build your user dictionary, even creating shortcuts for frequently used phrases.

Download AnySoftKeyboard

Typewise Custom Keyboard

The last on our list of best keyboards for Android phones is Typewise Custom Keyboard. It claims to have better accuracy and autocorrecting than Gboard and Swiftkey. And you get all of these with the utmost privacy.

Typewise Custom Keyboard also departs from the traditional QWERTY layout. It features a patented honeycomb layout that boosts typing accuracy with 70% larger keys. The larger keys help reduce typos.

You can also use its gesture control for quick typing and easy accessibility. It features intuitive gestures like swipe-up for capitalization, swipe-left to delete, and swipe-right to restore, simplifying interactions. Plus, Typewise boasts smart autocorrect that adapts to your typing patterns, delivering spot-on suggestions.

You can choose from an array of keyboard themes, fonts, popular emojis, and features like the auto-paste and emoji keyboard to personalize your typing experience. You can try its Pro version if you want to enjoy more features.

Some of the additional features you get with Typewise Custom Keyboard Pro are:

  • Type in different languages without switching manually
  • Additional themes
  • Create custom shortcuts
  • Change emoji keyboard, font size, swiping behavior, and space button sensitivity

Download Typewise Custom Keyboard

Download your best keyboard for Android

There are tens of keyboards to install and use on your Android devices. However, which one works best for you depends solely on you. Just because one keyboard works perfectly for someone does not mean it will be best for you. Hence, it is always best to install and use multiple keyboards and see which one works best for you. Start by installing and using the best keyboards for Android mentioned in this article.

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